Alma Ata Declaration

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  1. When was the Int'l Conference of Primary Health Care held?
    Sept 1978
  2. Where was the Int'l Conference on Primary Health Care held?
    Alma-Ata, USSR (now Almaty, Kazakhstan)
  3. an international declaration focusing on improving health through comprehensive primary health care
    Alma Ata Declaration
  4. a brief document that expresses the need for urgent action by all governments, all health and development workers and the world community to protect and promote the health of all the people of the world
    Declaration of Alma-Ata
  5. The first international declaration stating the importance of primary health care and outlining the world governments' role and responsibilities to the health of the world's citizens
    Alma Ata Declaration
  6. the culmination of a long process of review of national public health strategies, especially making good progress in decreasing avoidable deaths
    Alma Ata Declaration
  7. This was emphasized as the way to attain a level of health to permit people to lead a socially and economically productive life
    primary health care
  8. They co-sponsored the Alma Ata Declaration
  9. How many parts does the Alma ata Declaration consist of?
  10. a fundamental human right and that the attainment of the highest possible level of this is a most important worldwide social goal whose realization requires the action of many other social and economic sectors in addition to the health sector
  11. a basic importance to the fullest attainment of health for all and to the reduction of the gap between health status of the developing and developed countries
    Economic and Social Development
  12. basis of the economic and social development
    New International Economic Order
  13. the right and duty to participate individually and collectively in the planning and collectively in the planning and implementation of their health care
    People's right to participate in planning and implementation of health services
  14. the key to attaining the target of the state as part of development in the spirit of social justice
    Primary health care
  15. How many components does the primary health care have?
  16. Targeted year by the Alma Ata Declaration
  17. the commitment of the philippine government to attaining the goal of Health for All in the year 2000
    Letter of Instruction (LOI) no. 949
  18. when and who was the Philippine president that issued the LOI No. 979
    President Marcos on Oct 19, 1979
  19. It mandated the Ministry of Health to adopt PHC as an approach to the development and implementation of programs which focus on health development at the community level
    LOI 949
  20. 10 Sectors of Alma Ata Declaration
    • 1. Definition of Health
    • 2. Concern over inequity between countries
    • 3. Health as a pre-requisite for economic progress of countries
    • 4. People's right to participate in planning and implementation of health services
    • 5. State responsibility in provision of health care to all citizens
    • 6. Reaffirmation of primary health care as an important strategy to organize health services
    • 7. Seven Components of Primary Health Care
    • 8. Align national policies and build political will to achieve primary health care
    • 9. Cooperation between countries to achieve these goals.
    • 10. Health for all by 2000
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