Chapter 2 Population and Sustainable Ecosystem

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  1. Population
    All the individuals of species that occupy a particular geographical area at a certain time.

    -Tend to increase when reproduction rates that are greater that are greater than what is needed to replace the died or left the area
  2. Exponential Growth
    • Accelerating growth that makes a J-shaped curve when the population is graphed¬†
    • Image Upload¬†example

    Related terms: population
  3. Limiting Factors
    A factor that limits the growth, distribution, or amount of a population in an ecosystem

    -fewer resources restrict increase of population 

    -example young perches require food
  4. Carry Capacity
    The size/limit of a population that can be supported by the available resources

    • Image Upload
    • For example if the elephant population is not growing or decreasing it has reached carrying capacity
  5. Ecological Niche
  6. Predator
  7. Prey
  8. Mutualism
  9. Parasite
  10. Competition
  11. Sustainable Use
  12. Doubling Time
  13. Ecological Footprint
  14. Unsustainable
  15. Sustainablility
  16. Ecosystem Services
  17. Desertification
  18. Ecotourism
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