Serological Tests

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  1. one of the acute phase reactants present in serum during inflammation from tissue injury
  2. used in monitoring the progress of inflammatory illness
  3. it is detected by Ag Ab reaction in which patient's seru is reacted against a specific anti-human CRP serum
  4. how is the latex CRP reagent prepared?
    by immunizing rabbits with purified CRP
  5. what is the positive and negative reactions of CRP
    • Positive - agglutination
    • Negative - no agglutination
  6. Cause of Streptococcal infection
    Streptococcus pyogenes
  7. what toxic enzyme is produce by streptococcal infections?
    Streptolysin O
  8. type of hemolytic streptococcus detected in streptococcus infection
    beta hemolytic streptococcus type A
  9. 2 types of streptococcal infection
    • glomerulonephritis
    • rheumatic fever
  10. is ASO quali or quanti?
  11. principle involved in ASO
    polysterene latex particles coated with stabilized streptolysin O reacts with ASO
  12. Positive and Negatives of ASO
    • Positive - distinct agglutination
    • Negative - absence of agglutination
  13. Cause of chronic gastritis
    Helicobacter pylori (campylobacter pylori)
  14. disease caused by campylobacter pylori
    Chronic gastritis
  15. a gram negative bacteria infecting gastric mucosa
    • Helicobacter pylori
    • campylobacter pylori
  16. an immunochromatographic assay for qualitative determination of Abs to the bacteria that causes chronic gastritis
    H pylori test
  17. what does the H pylori test contain?
    dye conjugated and immbolized H pylori Ag
  18. Specimen used in H pylori test
  19. Positive and Negative of H pylori
    Positive - pink rose band in control and test zone

    Negative - pink rose band in control line only
  20. Dengue Virus is a member of what family?
  21. How is Dengue virus transmitted?
    by mosquito Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus
  22. self limited febrile disease
    Dengue fever
  23. an immunopathogenic disease occurring after sequential dengue infection
    Dengue hemorrhagic Fever
  24. a rapid immunochromatographic screening for the detection of IgG Abs
    Dengue Fever Card Test
  25. what is detected in Dengue fever Card test? IgG or IgM?
  26. positive and negative of Dengue fever card test
    Positive - 2 pink/purple colored line in control and test line

    negative - one pink/purple colored line in contro
  27. characterized by inflammation and necrosis of the liver
    Test for Hepatits B virus
  28. 2 important serological markers in detecting hepatitis B
    • HBsAg
    • Anti-HBs
  29. first marker to appear and its level peak during acute stages of infection
  30. antibody provides protective immunity against Hepa B
    Anti HBs
  31. principle of HBsAg
    • immunochromatography
    • HBsAg present in serum and plasma reacts with colloidal gold particles
  32. Positive and Negative of Test for Hepa B virus
    Positive - 2 visible purple lines in control and test

    Negative - only 1 visible line in control
  33. A destructive chronic inflammatory disease of the joint
    Rheumatoid Arthritis
  34. what is present in the serum of the patient with Rheumatoid arthritis?
    Rheumatoid factor
  35. comprise a heterogenous protein which appears to be a group of Abs that react with both human and animal IgG
    rheumatoid factors
  36. principle of test for autoimmune disease
    latex particles are agglutinated by heterophile Abs
  37. positive and negative of Autoimmune disease test
    • Positive - agglutination
    • negative - no agglutination
  38. an STD caused by spirochete Treponema pallidium
  39. what causes syphilis?
    Treponema pallidium
  40. 2 types of serological tests for syphilis
    • non treponemal Ag test
    • treponemal Ag test
  41. it utilizes beef heart (cardiolipin) that reacts with non-treponemal Ab
    Non treponemal Ag test
  42. type of syphilis sero test for rapid screening
    Non treponemal Ag test
  43. is RPR Card test non treponemal or treponemal?
    Non treponemal Ag test
  44. test is performed on serum or plasma with modified VDRL Ag.
    Rapid Plasma Reagin Card Test
  45. a carbon particle, cardiolipin Ag which detect Reagin
    RPR Card Ag suspension
  46. what does nontreponemal Ag test utilize?
    Beef heart or cardiolipin
  47. the Ab detected in RPR card test
  48. Reactive and non reactive resulits of RPR Card Test
    reactive - black clumps against white background

    nonreactive - no clumping
  49. A specific test of syphilis sero test
    Treponemal Ag test
  50. It utilizes Ag from the treponemes to detect specific Abs
    Treponemal Ag Test
  51. an indirect hemagglutination treponemal test
    Treponemal Pallidium Hemagglutination
  52. is TPHA a non treponemal or treponemal?
    Treponemal Ag test
  53. principle of TPHA
    avian erythrocytes are coated with components of T pallidium
  54. Reactive and non reactive of TPHA
    Reactive - hemagglutination

    non reactive - absence of hemagglutination
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