FM 7-22 Army Physical Readiness Training

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  1. who serves as the primary trainer for enlisted soldiers
  2. What is Physical Readiness
    is the ability to meet the physical demands of any combat or duty position, accomplish the mission, and continue to fight and win
  3. Why is PRT a mandatory training requirement?
    • o Considered by senior leaders to be essential to individual, unit, and force readiness. 
    • o Required by law for all individuals and units.
  4. Principles of training
    • Commanders and Other Leaders are Responsible for Training
    •  Noncommissioned Officers Train Individuals
    •  tarin as you fight
    •  train to standard
    •  Conduct Multiechelon and Concurrent Training
    •  train to Develop Agile Leaders and Organizations
  5. PRT is who’s program
    The commander
  6. To accomplish the PRT mission, NCOs—
    • Identify specific tasks that PRT enhances in support of the unit
    •   Prepare, rehearse, and execute PRT.
    •   Evaluate PRT and conduct AAR to provide feed back to the commander.
  7. PRT System consists of three training phases
    • initial conditioning,
    •  toughening
    •  sustaining
  8. The objective of PRT is to
    prepare Soldiers to meet the physical demands related to mission
  9. The goal of the Army Physical Fitness Training Program is to
    develop Soldiers who are physically capable and ready to perform their duty assignments or combat roles
  10. initial conditioning phase prepares
    future Soldiers to learn and adapt to Army PRT
  11. Toughening phase activities develop
    foundational fitness and fundamental movement skills
  12. Sustaining phase activities develop
    maintain higher level of physical readiness
  13. The objective of reconditioning is
    to restore physical fitness levels that enable Soldiers to reenter the toughening or sustaining phase safely
  14. Principles of PRT
    • Precision,
    • Progression,
    • Integration
  15. Components of PRT
    • Strength,
    • Mobility,
    • Endurance
  16. Strength is
    the ability to overcome resistance
  17. endurance is
    the ability to sustain activity
  18. mobility is
    functional application of strength and endurance
  19. three types of trainin
    • on ground,
    • off ground,
    • combatives
  20. soldiers recovering from injury, illness, or other medical conditions and be afforded a minimum train-up period
    twice the length of profile not to exceed 90 days
  21. The two types of commands used in PRT
    • preparatory commands
    • commands of execution
  22. What FM covers Army Physical Readiness Training
    FM 7-22
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