Chapter 25 Bio T1

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  1. time separating group is factor
    • shorter - same species
    • longer - show differences
  2. characteristics that identify species
    • morphological traits (physical traits) 
    • interbreed
    • molecular features
    • ecological features
    • evolutionary relationship (lineage)
  3. species concept
    way to distinguish species
  4. biological species concept
    must be able to interbreed and have viable offspring
  5. evolutionary species concept
    Species should be defined based on the separate evolution of lineages
  6. ecological species concept
    the more similar two organisms are then the more likely that their needs will overlap, the more likely they will compete over resources such as food and shelter, and therefore the more likely that they are members of the same species
  7. Evo Devo
    • developmental gene tells what's on and off and what cell's job is meant to do 
    • ** in development
  8. hox genes
    • in animals only 
    • the are difference in numbers (more complicated has more hox genes)
  9. paedomorphisis
    retain traits typical of juvenile stage of organism's ancestor
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