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    • what does MAGTF stand for
    • marine air-ground task force
  1. what order and when did MAGTF was formalized and publishing
    • MCO 3120.3
    • December 1963
  2. what will provide combatant commanders or joint task force commanders with scalable, versatile expeditionary forces able to respond to a broad range of crisis and conflict situations
  3. what are the four elements of a MAGTF
    • command element (CE)
    • ground combat element (GCE)
    • aviation combat element (ACE)
    • combat service support element (CSSE)
  4. what is the Marine Corps principle organization for conducting missions across the spectrum of military operations
  5. what does CE stand for
    command element
  6. what does GCE stand for
    ground combat element
  7. what does ACE stand for
    Aviation combat element
  8. what does CSSE stand for
    combat service support element
  9. what contains the MAGTF headquarters and other units that provide intelligence, communications, and administrative support
    command element (CE)
  10. what is task-organized to conduct ground operations to support the MAGTF mission
    ground combat element (GCE)
  11. what conducts offensive and defensive air operations and is task-organized to perform thos functions of marine aviation required to support the MAGTF mission
    aviation combat element (ACE)
  12. what is task-organized to provide the full range of combat service support functions and capabilities necessary to maintain the continued readiness and sustainability of the MAGTF as a whole
    combat service support element (CSSE)
  13. what does LCE stand for
    logistics combat element
  14. what element was changed in 2006 to LCE
  15. what element is scalable and task-organized to provide the command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, and joint interorperability necessary for effective planning and execution of operations
    command element (CE)
  16. what does C4I stand for
    command control communications computers intelligence
  17. what does FSSG stand for
    force service support groups
  18. what are the different types of MAGTFs
    • MEF
    • MEU
    • MEB
  19. what does MEF stand for
    marine expeditionary force
  20. what does MEB stand for
    marine expeditionary brigade
  21. what does MEU stand for
    marine expeditionary unit
  22. what does SPMAGTF stand for
    special purpose MAGTF
  23. which type of MAGTF is the largest standing MAGTF and is the principal marine corps war fighting organization also brings 60 days worth of supplies
  24. what type of MAGTF is a medium sized non-standing MAGTF that is task organized to respond to a full range of crises, from forcible entry to humanitarian assistance also brings 30 days worth of supplies
  25. what is the standard forward deployed marine expeditionary organization also brings 15 days worth of supplies
  26. what is a non-standing MAGTF temporarily formed to conduct a specific mission
  27. what are the six main functions of ACE deployment scenarios
    • assault support
    • anti-air warfare
    • offensive air support
    • electronic warfare
    • control of aircraft and missiles
    • aerial reconnaissance
  28. what does MMF stand for
    mobile maintenance facilities
  29. what is the main purpose of DP-18
    is used to house all of the servers in ALIMS
  30. what MAGTF is not a standing forces and are formed only in times of need
  31. how many ECU does a DP-18 have
  32. what does ECU stand for
    environmental control units
  33. the universal fiber optic interconnect box provides how many tactical fiber cables or how many fiber connections
    • 6 tactical fiber cables
    • or 24 ST fiber connections
  34. what does MAW stand for
    marine aircraft wing
  35. what is the largest marine aviation organization of the Marine expeditionary force (MEF)
  36. what are the three things that are in a DP-18
    • ECU
    • environmental curtains
    • univeral fiber optic interconnect box
  37. what is an aviation logistics support unit of the united states marine corps
  38. what does ALIMS stand for
    aviation logistics information management and support
  39. what are the four divisions of the ALIMS department
    • admin
    • CSD
    • NSD
    • QA
  40. what division is responible for the administrative control of all ALIMS personnel
  41. what division is responsible for all customer support issues, accepting trouble calls, initiating trouble tickets, and receiving/shipping of AIS equipment
  42. what does CSD stand for
    customer support devision
  43. what division is responsible for providing and managing AVLOG IT network resources for MAG units
  44. what does NSD stand for
    network support division
  45. what division that provides a systematic and efficient method for gathering, analyzing, and maintaining information on the quality characteristics of products, the source, and the nateure of defects, and their immediate impact on the current operation
  46. what does AVLOG IT stand for
    aviation logistics information technology
  47. who is responsible to the ALIMS officer for the management of all aspects of the ALIMS department as directed by orders and instructions
    ALIMS Chief
  48. what does ESR stand for
    equipment status reports
  49. what are monthly reports used to provide upline information regarding unit readiness
  50. what are the three ESR status'
    • FMC (full mission capable)
    • PMC (partial mission capable)
    • NMC (non-mission capable)
  51. what is the ESR route when sending reports
    • o-level
    • mals-alims
    • wing-ald-it
    • asl-36
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