Sampling in Psych

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  1. Simple random sample
    random selection of persons/units
  2. Systematic Random Sample
    Selecting every xth person from a list
  3. Stratified random sample
    divide population into similar subgroups, then take a simple random sample from each group
  4. Cluster random sample
    divid population into clusters, then randomly sample clusters and measure all units within sampled clusters
  5. Multi-stage Sample
    combo of sampling methods
  6. Convenience/Haphazard sample
    Take anyone who is available and wants to volunteer
  7. Quota sampling
    selecting people nonrandomly to fulfill a fixed quota (e.g. gender)
  8. Heterogeneity Sampling
    Get a diverse range of participants
  9. Snowball Sampling
    participants recommend others who are eligable to participate
  10. Random Assignment
    Randomly assigning participants to experimental conditions
  11. Random Sampling
    Randomly selecting participants from a population to be included in a sample
  12. Sample Size depends on
    • Power of statistical technique used
    • Research design
    • Strength of experimental manipulation -> Size of Effect
    • Variability of data -> experimental control
  13. Errors in Sampling Frame
    • Units are not included
    • Units are included twice
    • Units are included even though they do not belong to population
  14. Systematic Errors
    • Error in Sampling Frame
    • Measurement errors (e.g. items not understood)
    • Missing Responses
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