Intro to A & P

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  1. necessary functions for maintaining life:
    • maintaining internal balance
    • movement
    • responsiveness to environment (adaptation)
    • digestion
    • metabolism
    • excretion
    • reproduction
    • growth
  2. homeostasis can be:
    • positive feedback
    • negative feedback
  3. positive feedback:
    • increases effect
    • ex: parturition, blood clotting
  4. negative feedback:
    • tries to stop or shut off response
    • most common
    • pancreas & glucose levels
  5. plasma membrane:
    outer layer that provides structure and regulates what goes in and out
  6. cytoplasm:
    • fluid inside cell
    • keeps integrity of the cell (gives it shape)
  7. Mitochondria:
    make cellular energy (ATP)
  8. Nucleus:
    control center of cell
  9. Endoplasmic Reticulum:
    assists in protein syntheis
  10. Golgi Apparatus:
    • packages and transports proteins
    • destroys incorrect proteins
  11. dorsal cavity:
    brain and spinal cord
  12. ventral body cavity:
    contains most of the soft organs (viscera), divided by thin diaphragm
  13. cranial thoracic cavity:
    heart, lung, esophagus, blood vessels
  14. caudal abdomniopelvic cavity:
    • abdominal cavity (digestive tracts)
    • pelvic cavity (urinary and repro organs)
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