Music History ch20

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  1. Who composed for many of the churches/pope in Italy in the 15th century?
    ppl from northern europe such as dufay, josquin des prez, franco-flemish composers.
  2. What were the main forms of art music in italy written during the 15th c?
    masses, motets, chansons
  3. What were four distinctly italian musical genres in 15th c?
    carnival song, laud, frottola, madrigal
  4. Carnival song
    • short
    • homophonic
    • 3 vocal parts
    • text about: everyday life, sometimes sexual
    • improvised (little written down)
  5. Laude
    • simple
    • popular
    • sacred song
    • written in local dialect of italian
    • sung by confraternity (devoted to 1 aspect of christianity)
    • dif texts sung to pre-existing tunes
    • abba form
  6. Frottola
    • polyphonic
    • strophic italian poetry
    • secular
    • lively rhythms
    • lighter texture
    • homophonic
    • improvisatory solo singing (often accompanied by string instrument)
    • popular in aristocratic courts in northern Italy
    • began inside the court rather than on the streets of the city
  7. Madrigal
    • AAB form
    • Through-composed (NOT strophic)
    • most of the composers associated w/ this genre = french or flemish
    • more serious tone
    • elevated vernacular poetry to higher status
    • close relationship b/w music and word
    • originated in Florence
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