History of Philippine Health Care Delivery System

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  1. Period where traditional ways of healing were widely used
    Pre-Spanish Period
  2. a Franciscan friar that established a dispensary for Manila indigents
    Fr. Juan Clemente
  3. When did Public Health begin in the PH?
  4. The dispensary established on 1577 was changed to this name on 1659
    San Juan de Dios Hospital
  5. these two organizations were created by the Spaniards which instituted a hospital system with 13 hospitals and intensified public health work
    • Central Board of Vaccination
    • Board of Health and Charity
  6. they were present before the Americans came which corresponds to today's provincial health workers
    Medicos Titulares
  7. He formally proclaimed the Department of Public Works, Education and Hygiene in June 23, 1898
    Pres Emilio Aguinaldo
  8. What was proclaimed by Emilio Aguinaldo on June 23, 1898?
    Dept of Pub works, Educ and Hygiene
  9. When did Pres Aguinaldo formally proclaim the Dept of Pub Works, Educ and Hygiene?
    June 23, 1898
  10. in what document does it state that the Americans created a Board of Health for the City of Manila on Sept. 29, 1898?
    General Order No. 15
  11. What did the Americans create for the City of Manila on Sept 29, 1898?
    Board of Health
  12. When did the Americans create the Board of Health?
    Sept 29, 1898
  13. Who comprised the provisional board?
    • Dr T H Pardo de Tavera
    • Dr Aristone Bautista Lim
    • with 3 American Surgeons
  14. it aimed to protect the health of the American troops
    General Order No 15
  15. What started the institutional development of the current DOH
    General Order No 15
  16. When was the Board of Health abolished?
    Aug 26, 1899
  17. He was appointed as the first Commissioner of Health
    Dr Guy Edie
  18. When did the registration of births, deaths and marriages begin?
  19. After the Board of Health was abolished in 1899, who recreated the Board of Health for the Philippine Islands?
    Philippine Commission
  20. Through what act was the Board of Health recreated?
    Act no 157
  21. When was Act no 157 dated?
    July 1 1901
  22. What became of the Board of Health when the provincial health boards and municipal health boards were created?
    it became the Insular Board of Health
  23. When did the Board of Health become the Insular BoH?
    Dec 2, 1901
  24. Through what act did the Board of Health become the Insular BoH?
    Act no 307 and 308
  25. through what act did the Insular BoH and its functions abolished?
    Act no 1407
  26. What replaced the Insular BoH when it was abolished?
    Bureau of Health
  27. in what year was the Insular BoH abolished?
  28. He became the first Director of Bureau of Health being under the Dept of Interior
    Dr Victor Heiser
  29. the act that ordered that the provincial boards of health be replaced with district health officers

    and what year was this?
    • Repealing Act No 307
    • Philippine Commision Act No 1487

  30. also referred to as the "Fajardo Act" 
    it consolidated municipalities into sanitary divisions and instigated today's "Health Fund"
    Act no 2156 of 1912
  31. What was the Act no 2156 of 1912 referred to as?
    Fajardo Act
  32. What was the Bureau of Health renamed into on 1915?
    Philippine Health Service
  33. the first Filipino Director of Health
    Dr Vicente de Jesus
  34. This act created the Office of the Commissioner of Health and Public Welfare
    • Reorganization Act of 1932
    • Act No 4007
  35. The 1st Commissioner of the Office of the Commissioner of Health and Pub Welfare
    Dr Basilio Valdez
  36. On what year was Act No 4007 created?
  37. When was the Executive Order No 317 formalized?
    Jan 7 1941
  38. What Order formalized the Dept of Pub Health and Welfare?
    Executive Order no 317
  39. The first Department Secretary of Pub Health and Welfare
    Dr Jose Fabella
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