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  1. Biology
    study of life
  2. Evolution
    changing over time
  3. systems biology
    study interactions in whole system
  4. genome
    a full set of genetic information
  5. biochemistry
    the study of the chemical processes of biology
  6. matter
    anything that takes up space and has mass
  7. element
    made of atoms
  8. atoms
    smallest particle that keeps its characteristics
  9. atomic number
    written at top, #protons or the #electrons
  10. covalent bond
    atoms share electrons
  11. ionic bond
    electrons transfer to other atom
  12. hydorphobic
    afraid water
  13. hydrophillic
    water loving
  14. Three domains of life
    bacteria, archaea, eukarya
  15. Charactertics of life
    energy, growth, reproduction, homeostasis, response to stimuli, cellular organization, evolution
  16. cell common characteristics
    cell membrane, carry genetic information, prokaryote or eukaryote
  17. negative feedback
    product slows down process
  18. positive feedback
    product speeds up process
  19. four properties of water
    • 1. adhesion
    • 2. density
    • 3. temperature regulation
    • 4. universal solvent
  20. Image UploadpH
    • Acids 1-6
    • neutral 7
    • base 8-14
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