Level H: Unit 2

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  1. Aegis
    n. Protection; patronage; sponsorship
  2. Apprise
    v. To inform of; to make aware of by giving oral or written notice
  3. Bibulous
    adj. Fond of or inclined to drink; absorbent
  4. Claque
    n. A group of people hired to applaud a performer or performance; enthusiastic or fawning admirers; an opera hat
  5. Deracinate
    v. To pull up by the roots; to root out, uproot, or dislocate; to eliminate all traces of
  6. Exegesis
    n. an explination or critical interpretation (especially of a text)
  7. Indigenous
    adj. Originating in the country or region where found, native; inborn; inherent
  8. Lachrymose
    adj. Given to tears or weeping; causing to shed tears; mournful; lugubrious
  9. Lexicon
    n. A dictionary of a langauge; the special vocabulary of a person, group, or subject; a compendium
  10. Melee
    n. A confused struggle; a violent free-for-all; a tumultuous mingling
  11. Microcosm
    n. A miniature world or universe; a group of system viewed as the model of a larger group or system
  12. Minuscule
    adj. Very small, tiny; n. A lowercase letter
  13. Obfuscate
    v. To darken or obscure; to confuse or bewilder
  14. Paternalism
    n. The policy or practice of treating or governing people in the manner of father dealing with his children
  15. Polarize
    v. To cause to concentrate around two conflicting or contrasting positions; to cause light to vibrate in a pattern
  16. Purview
    n. The range, extent, or scope of something; in law, the scopes or limit of what is provided in a statute
  17. Sanguine
    adj. Having a ruddy complexion; of a naturally cheerful, confident, or optimistic outlook
  18. Solecism
    n. A substandard or ungrammatical usage; a breach of etiquette; any impropriety or mistake
  19. Vassal
    • n. A person under the protection of a feudal lord to whom he or she owes allegiance; a subordinate or dependent; a servant
    • adj. subservient
  20. Verisimilitude
    n. The quality of appearing to be true, real, likely, or probable
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