California Regions

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    San Francisco
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    San Francisco Bay
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    San Diego
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    Salton Sea
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    Pacific Ocean
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    Mt. Whitney
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    Mt. Shasta
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    Los Angeles
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    Lassen Peak
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    Lake Tahoe
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    Death Valley
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    Mountain Region
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    Desert Region
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    Coast Region
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    Central Valley Region
  17. What is the largest single mountain range in the United States?
    Sierra Nevada
  18. Why is the Sierra Nevada mountain range important?
    It's the largest single mountain range in the United States.
  19. Part of the Cascade mountain range in Northern California
    Mt. Shasta
  20. Part of the Cascade Range that is an active volcano and erupted in 1921.
    Lassen Peak
  21. What is Lassen Peak?
    An active vocano.
  22. When did Lassen Peak last erupt?
  23. What is the highest point in the United States at 14,505 feet?
    Mt. Whitney
  24. Why is Mt. Whitney important?
    It's the highest point in the continental United States at 14,505 feet.
  25. What is the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere?
    Death Valley
  26. Why is Death Valley important?
    Its the lowest point on the Western Hemisphere at 282 feet below sea level.
  27. What is a shallow saline lake in south central California?
    Salton Sea
  28. What is located on the border of California and Nevada and 1,600 feet deep.
    Lake Tahoe
  29. Where is Lake Tahoe?
    Between California and Nevada and its 1,600 feet deep.
  30. What city is on a 30 mile long peninsula in the Pacific Ocean?
    San Francisco
  31. What is the Capital of California?
  32. When was Sacramento founded and by who?
    It was founded in 1834 by John Sutter
  33. What is the biggest city in California in population and area?
    Los Angeles
  34. What is the second largest city in California right next to Mexico?
    San Diego
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