History Chapters 17-19

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  1. Earned a doctoral degree and wrote A Voice from the South. Immersed
    in the woman suffrage movement and promoted female education.
    What was Anna J. Cooper?
  2. Created by Dr. John Pemberton, this soft drink was developed from a mixture of oils,
    caffeine, cocoa leaves, and cola nuts. Originally developed to cure headaches.
    • ÒWhat
    • is Coca Cola?
  3. The idea that the South would rise again. Southerners felt that God was on their side and would save them from the wrath of the North.
    What is the Lost Cause?
  4. A program promoted by the Southern Farmers’ Alliance in response to lower cotton prices and tightened credit. Farmers would store their crop in a warehouse until prices rose, in the meantime borrowing up to 80 percent of the value of the stored crops from the government at a low interest rate.
    What was the subtreasury plan?
  5. Provided education and economic benefits for the newly freed African Americans.
    What was the Freedmen’s Bureau?
  6. Plan to demoralize the South and destroyed cities along the way to the ocean.
    What was Sherman’s March to the Sea?
  7. Land to be divided up into 40 acre plots
    What was Sherman’s Field Order #13?
  8. Most significant in terms of migration. Would contact them in the North to ask if a family or a group wanted to migrate.
    What was the African Methodist Episcopal Church, or AME?
  9. Lenient towards the South. Wants to bring them back in and not be destroyed. 10% of the population would have to pledge loyalty to the US and agree to the 13th Amendment.
    What is Lincoln’s Plan?
  10. Have to ratify the 13th amendment, write new state constitutions, each state has a laundry list of things to do.
    What is Presidential Reconstruction of 1865-67?
  11. Basically represent the South trying to keep things the way they were. Legal form of slavery.
    What are Black Codes?
  12. Violent backlash towards the changes that were taking place in Reconstruction. Founded in 1860s in Tennessee. Attacked anyone who were trying to change things.
    Who is the KKK?
  13. Farming on land that they do not own. A legal contract between someone who does not own land and someone who does.
    What is sharecropping?
  14. Not tried for the crime, but taken out and hung
    What is Lynching?
  15. Separate but equal.
    What is Plessy v. Ferguson?
  16. A nation of small farmers that grew food for themselves. Feared a working class and working for wages because he says it will threaten liberty.
    What is the Jeffersonian Ideal?
  17. Wanted a wage earning class. Wanted a lot of trade with England.
    What is Alexander Hamilton’s vision?
  18. First factory was found in this part of the country.
    What is the North?
  19. One of the first factories opened in the 1800s. Advertised that there would be night classes. There would be time for workers to contemplate political issues.
    What is the Lowell Factory?
  20. If the company goes under, without this, then the bank could go after a person for the price of part of the debt.
    What is Limited Liability?
  21. * First migrants to North America. Crossed a land bridge that connected Russia to Alaska. Developed their own cultures and food ways.
    Who are the Native Americans?
  22. First Europeans to arrive and stay. Found their headquarters in the Caribbean with Christopher Columbus.
    Who are the Spanish?
  23. Named after Elizabeth I and founded Jamestown.
    What is the Virginia Company?
  24. England primarily, Scotland, Ireland.
    Who are the old immigrants?
  25. Different areas where people of similar backgrounds lived together.
    What are enclaves?
  26. Most well known historian who wrote a paper about the significance of the frontier in American history.
    Who is Frederick Jackson Turner?
  27. A popular topic, land of opportunity for some, more dynamic, gunslingers, outlaws.
    Why is the West so special?
  28. The land between the Appalachian mountains and the Mississippi river.
    What is the West in 1763?
  29. Most migrants were from the South who came to Texas. Tended to migrate to areas that were familiar to them.
    What is horizontal pattern of migration?
  30. An agreement between two sovereign nations.
    What is a treaty?
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