Unit 2 Pharmacology

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  1. Medication
    any substance that modifies the body functions while taken
  2. pharmacology
    the study of chemicals that affect the body's functioning
  3. generic name
    named by original manufacture and active ingredient
  4. trade name
    brand name
  5. 3 types of drug preparations
    • Oral 
    • Topical
    • Parenteral
  6. Fastest drug preparation
    Parenteral IV
  7. Pharmacokinetics
    effect of the body on the drug
  8. 4 phases of pharmacokinetics
    • 1.  Absorption
    • 2.  Distribution 
    • 3. Metabolism 
    • 4. Excretion
  9. Pharmacokinetics-Absorption
    Process where a drug is transferred from the site of entry to the body to the blood stream. 

    • Acid easier to absorb in stomach
    • Basic(alkaline) better absorbed in sm. intestine

    increased blood flow increased absorption
  10. Leading Dose
    Large starting dose
  11. maintenance dose
    lower dose for daily use
  12. onset of action
    time required time for drug to elicit therapeutic response
  13. therapeutic range
    concentration of drug in the blood that produces the desired effect w/o causing toxicity
  14. peak level
    highest concentration of the drug in the plasma after absorption is complete(time required for drug to reach maximum response)
  15. trough level
    lowest concentration in the blood( drawn 30 min before next dose)
  16. half life
    amount of time it takes for 50% of the drug to be eliminated from the body
  17. Pharmacokinetics-Distribution
    after absorption into the bloodstream the drug is distributed throughout the body
  18. pharmacokinetics-metabolism
    the change of the drug from its original form to a new form: change occurs in the liver
  19. pharmacokinetics-excretion
    after drug is broken down by metabolism it is excreted from the body-kidneys do this.  Bad kidneys= slower excretion
  20. pharmacodynamics
    • the process by which drugs alter cell physiology and affect the body
    • ex. turn on or off or block or promote body responses
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