MV Calculus Formulas MV13c #143-181

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  1. parametric circle equations
  2. parametric cycloid equations
  3. area under parametric curve
  4. polar equations of conic sections
  5. binomial series notation
  6. Maclaurin Series for 
  7. distance formula in 3-d
  8. sphere with center 
  9. magnitude of vector
  10. dot product: 
  11. def. of dot product
  12. angle between vectors
  13. direction angles of vectors
  14. Scalar projection of b onto a
  15. Vector projection of b onto a
  16. cross product using determinants
  17. magnitude of cross product
  18. scalar triple product
  19. volume of parallelepiped
  20. torque
  21. vector equation of a line
  22. parametric equations of a line
  23. symmetric equations of a line
  24. line segment from ro to r1
  25. scalar equation of plane through  and normal 
  26. linear equation of a plane
  27. distance from point 
    to plane 
  28. unit tangent vector
  29. arc length of space curve
  30. curvature of circle of radius
  31. curvature
  32. curvature of plane curve
  33. principal unit normal vector
  34. binormal vector
  35. tangential component of acceleration
  36. normal component of acceleration

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MV Calculus Formulas MV13c #143-181
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