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  1. What did it say in Washington's farewell adress
    he said stay neutral and stay away from political parties
  2. What is the one thing we listen too in Washington's adress
    we stayed neutral
  3. why did he say to stay neutral
    it would make bad relationships with other countries
  4. why did he warn us from political party
    it would cause bad things to the government
  5. why is it weird about  the election between Adams and jefferson
    Adams and Jefferson were in different partys
  6. what was the xyz affair
    french started to seiz our ships.  we cancled our treaty  and we had anti french feelings
  7. alein and sedition act was what
    it outlawed sedition,arrested aliens and could kick them out of the country, had to wait 14 years to become a us citizen
  8. virginia and kentucky resolutions was what
    said the alien act was unconstitional
  9. the french revolution affected the us by
    the french supported us during our revolution and British was our number one trading partner
  10. the battle of the fallen timbers is
    spain gave up indiana and ohio because of the treaty of greenvile
  11. the whiskey rebelion was when
    washington sent an army to west p.a.
  12. in jay's treaty it said that
    britan had to stop seizing our ships,pay for damages, and give up forts in ohio valley
  13. in the pinckney's treaty stated that
    spain let the u.s travel the mississippi freely,right to store food with no tax and accepted the 31th parrale
  14. the judiciary act established and was set up by who
    a court system with a chief justice and 5 associates. provieded less powerful federal courts set up by john jay
  15. washington created what deparrtments and appointed who to what
    secratery of state (thomas) treasury (hamilton) attorney general (edmund randolph) secretary of war (herny knox)
  16. jefferson and madison opposed the bank because
    they wanted a WEAKER GOVERNMENT
  17. hamilton supported the bank because
    it would take care of the depbt
  18. what is a loose and strict constitution and wanted each
    loose ment weak gov and strict ment strong. jefferson and madison wanted weak gov.  hamilton wanted strict gov
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