History 2020 Chp.16-19 (5)

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  1. Taft- emphasized economic investment and loans from American banks, rather than direct military intervention, as the best way to spread American influence
    Dollar Diplomacy
  2. Produced more military interventions in Latin America than any president before or since; Spread the ideas of human rights, democracy, and world peace
    Moral Imperialism
  3. (1990) Declared Puerto Rico an "insular territory", different from previous territories in the West. Its 1 million inhabitants were defined as citizens of Puerto Rico, not the United States, and denied a future path to statehood.
    Foraker Act
  4. Peaceful/ spiritual leader (Indian) 
    -Paiule mystic (tribe)  
    -Stressed brotherhood, kindness, predicted days earth would shake/days sun wouldn't come out 
    -Implemented the Ghost Dance
    Jack Wilson
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