Central Vowels

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  1. Central Vowels:
    /ə/, /ʌ/, /ɚ/, /ɝ/
  2. Height: mid
    Advancement: central
    Lip rounding: unrounded
    Tense/lax: lax
    /ə/ (schwa) ex: astounded, rearrange, roasted, ranson
  3. The basic distinction between the vowels /ə/ and /ʌ/ is that the schwa occurs only in ____ syllables and the turned v occurs only in _____ stressed syllables
    unstressed, stressed
  4. Height: low-mid
    Advancement: back-central
    Lip rounding: unrounded
    Tense/lax: lax
    /ʌ/ (wedge) ex: rub, trouble, flood, abundance
  5. although /ʌ/ can occur in one-syllable words, it does not usually occur in ____ syllables in English
  6. Height: mid
    Advancement: central
    Lip rounding: rounded
    Tense/lax: lax
    /ɚ/ (schwar) ex: pertain, luxury, surround, runner
  7. ___ is not easily defined by referring only to the four categories used to describe other english vowels. its production involved additional ____ movement and is formed by constricting the _____ and ____ the space in the oral cavity in front of the tongue
    /ɚ/, tongue, pharynx, increasing
  8. /ɚ/ is only produced in ____ syllables, and is therefor ___
    unstressed, lax
  9. Height: mid
    Advancement: central
    Lip rounding: rounded
    Tense/lax: tense
    /ɝ/ (right hook, reversed epsilon) ex: curse, deter, third, surgeon
  10. /ɝ/ only occurs in ____ syllables, and is the only central vowel considered to be ___
    stressed, tense
  11. like the schwar, the /ɝ/ is ___ found on the vowel quadrilateral
  12. the one commonality among all of the diphthongs is the fact that the tongue always glides from a _____ to a ____ position in the oral cavity
    lower, higher
  13. The tongue body begins in the low central or low back portion of the mouth, in the production of the onglide, and moves to the high front position for the offglide
    /aI/ ex: lye, ice, fiber, feisty
  14. The tongue body beings in the low-mid back position of the mouth, and glides to a high front position
    /ɔI/ ex: toy, join, boisterous, exploit
  15. The tongue begins in the low back position of the mouth for the onglide and glides upward to the high back position for the production of the offglide
    /aʊ/ ex: loud, clown, around, powder
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