Organic Chem 230 (part 2)

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  1. carbonyl group?
    an aldehyde is attached to atleast one H atom
  2. a carbonyl group in a ketone is?
    attached to two carbon groups
  3. -e in alkane name is changed to -al
  4. common names for first 4 aldehydes that use prefixes?
    • form (1C)
    • acet (2C)
    • propion (3C)
    • butyr (4C)
  5. an aldehyde is always found?
    at end of the chain
  6. ketones are always found?
    within the carbon chain, not on the ends
  7. naming ketones?
    the -e in alkane name is replaced with -one
  8. structure of acetone?
    CH3-C-CH3 with =O attached to middle C
  9. has bi product of methanol that is bad for you
  10. structure of formaldehyde?
    HCH with =O attached to C
  11. soluble in water
    acetone, ethanal
  12. without an H on the oxygen, aldehydes and ketones cannot form?
    hydrogen bonds
  13. have polar carbonyl groups and  attractions between polar groups
    aldehydes and ketones
  14. nonpolar and not soluble in water
  15. aldehydes and ketones are?
    soluble in water
  16. tollens test oxidizes ___ but not ___
    • aldehydes
    • ketones
  17. what does positive tollens test look like?
    mirror in test tube
  18. test is used to test glucose in blood
    benedicts test
  19. what compounds are given a positive tollens test? negative?
    • aldehyde = +
    • ketone = (-)
  20. what does benedicts test look like when positive?
    turns red
  21. reduction of carbonyls requires a catalyst of?
    ni, pt, or pd
  22. reduction of carbonyls?
    • react with hydrogen gas
    • requires a catalyst
    • occurs with heat and pressure
  23. product of addition reaction?
  24. part of both alcohol and ether functions and are a new functional group
    hemiacetal (ketal) carbons
  25. aldehydes can only form?
    acetal of some kind
  26. ketones can only form?
    ketal of some kind
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