Blinks Day 6

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  1. How must the the control stand be placed when in Trail?
    Down/Off/Trailing Position
  2. When installing jumper cables red means what?

    Green means what?

  3. The MU hoses must be properly aligned for air brakes to function. What is the alignment, way to lace, and pressure for the MU operations?
    inside out

    • BMAI
    • Break Pipe Hose--Regulating or Feed valve Setting
    • Main Reservoir Equalizing hose--130-145 PSI
    • Actuating Hose--0 or 130-145 PSI
    • Independent Application and Release Hose--0-45 PSI
  4. Lead Unit Set Up

    Control Stand
    1) Throttle
    2) Dynamic Break
    3) Selector lever
    4 Combination power/brake
    5) Reverser Handle
    • 1) Idle
    • 2) Off
    • 3) Off (EMD control stand)
    • 4) Lever in Idle
    • 5) Centered and removed
  5. Switch set up

    1)Lead unit Set up
    2)Engine Run, Generator Field, Control/fuel pump
    3)Number Lights
    4)Ditch lights
    5) Isolation switch
    6) Dynamic Break Cut out
    7)Control Stand and platform lights
    8) Reverser lights
    9) Dynamic brake control circuit breaker
    • 1) On/Up/Closed
    • 2) setup switch for proper lead
    • 3)if unit is identifying lead Loco consist
    • 4) On
    • 5) Run
    • 6)On
    • 7)as necessary
    • 8)centered and removed
    • 9)On
  6. Walkway safety

    1) Position of end platforms

    2) Safety Chains
    walkway platforms must be down between individual locomotives and the may be up at the end of the consists

    Safety chains must provide a continuous barrier, have enough slack to prevent handrails from being bent.

    Slack may not have more than six "

    Safety chains at end of consist will have minimal slack.
  7. ABTH 5354

    Breaking locomotive consists
    do not break by hand
  8. ABTH 5355

    Positioning controls and changing ends
    • includes positioning both lead and trail
    • A) automatic breaks
    • B) independent brakes
    • C) engine run switch
    • D) generator field switch
    • E) control fuel pump switch
    • F) isolation switch
    • D) headlight setup switch
  9. The locomotives main reservoir system:
    • 1) produces air
    • 2) maintains and 
    • 3) replenishes air pressure for the train's air break system
  10. There are two main reservoirs on each locomotive name and describe.
    • Reservoir # 1 Conductor's side
    • Auxiliary- bells, horn, sanders

    Reservoir #2 Engineer side supplies air to the air brake components
  11. The main reservoir equalizing hose is
    connected to the main reservoir and used to connect all reservoirs in the locomotive consist to create a common volume of air for brake operation.
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