Bio psychology

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  1. EPSP
    Excitatory makes a neuron more likely to fire
  2. IPSP
    Inhibitory, makes a neuron less likely to fire
  3. Serontonin
    Appetite mood
  4. Dopamine
    Associate with neural addictive behavior. Movement leasage
  5. GABA
    Primary inhibitory NT in brain
  6. Glutomate
    • Primary exciting NT
    • Ach- Acetylcholine neuromuscular junction
  7. Steps involved in neurotransmission
    • Nt Synthesis and storage into vessicle
    • AP arrives
    • Opnes Ca+ channels (voltage-gated) exocytosis (synaptic vessicles migrate toward the presypnatic membrane fuse with it and spill nt into synapse.
    • Nt binds to receptor cites on postsynpatic membrane
    • NT degraded (broken down) or recycled by sending neuron - reuptake.
  8. Agonistic
    Help (facilitate) NT effect e.g Alcohol + Gaba
  9. Antagonistic
    Block or inhibit the NT effect e.g. botox + Ach.
  10. Inotropic receptor
    associated with ligand activated ion channels. Fast, but shorter lived
  11. Metabritripic
    a middle man takes it longer lasting
  12. X- rays
    Structure- radiation and cheap
  13. Angiograph
    Structure - Stroke, blood brain barrier. Anurism, causes a stroke
  14. CT Scans
    Structure - Radiation and Cheap
  15. MRI
    Structures - Best for image quality - no radiation highlight/capitalize. Hydrogen can pick up cancer and tumors.
  16. PET Scan
    Function - Inject radio active substance. (Glucose - primary food source) more active in the brain is the more glucose it'll use. Look at the amount of glucose it uses. Specif structure. Radioactive. Relationship between structures and function. Correlation and causation. association related.
  17. FMRI
    Function - Provides images of brain structure and activity. Cognitive neuroscience (studies human brain science). No radiation and functions.
  18. TMS
    Function - Transcriber - magnetic stimulation. Deactivates part of the brain.
  19. EEG
    Function - Used in sleep studies and epilepsy. record brain waves. Collects all action potential. Frequency
  20. Stereotaxic Surgery
    Keep an animals head in place
  21. Lesion
    Mean destroying or removing brain tissues. Aspiration, Radio-frequency lesion, knife cut, cryogenic blockade.
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