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  1. Which drugs are used for rapid-short term HTN?
    drugs that act in the adrenergic NS, or baroreceptors.
  2. What drugs should be used for long term HTN?
    Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone (RAAS) System drugs.
  3. what is primary (essential) HTN?
    • No identifiable cause.
    • Chronic, progressive disorderPopulation: older adults, African Americans, Mexican Americans, postmenopausal women, obese patients.
    • Treated but not cured (lifelong condition).
    • Referred to as “essential hypertension”
  4. what's secondary HTN?
    • Identifiable primary cause.
    • Possible to treat the cause directly.
    • Some individuals can actually be cured
  5. What are the nonpharmacological ways to control HTN?
    • weight reduction.
    • Sodium restriction.
    • Elimination or limited consumption of alcohol and tobacco.
    • Reduction in dietary saturated fats.
    • Regular exercise.
    • behavior modification to promote relaxation.
    • DASH eating plan.
    • Aerobic exercise.
    • Maintenance of potassium and calcium intake.
  6. What drugs are contraindicated when pregnancy? which one are okay to use?
    • ACE inhibitors, ARBS, and DRIs are contraindicated.
    • Clonidine (central acting agent) is okay to use.
  7. which drug is okay to use for pts with eclampsia or preeclampsia?
    Hydralazine (vasodilator acting on the arterioles)
  8. What is eclampsia?
    a condition in which one or more convulsions occur in a pregnant woman suffering from high blood pressure, often followed by coma and posing a threat to the health of mother and baby.
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