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  1. Australian English
    "Australian English functions as a significant and extremely powerful symbol of national identity." (Macquarie University)
  2. Cultivated Australian English
    "Cultivated Australian English can be seen as snobbish and one often encounters hostile or amused reactions to the cultivated accent" (Kate Burridge)
  3. Broad Australian English
    Features of Broad Australian English are "The working class way of showing solidarity and pride" (Robert Lane Greene)
  4. Ethnolects
    Code switching is common among those who ‘have a more positive feelings towards their bicultural identity(Robert Lane Greene)

    "Ethnicity is an important part of social identity and something that people want to demonstrate through their use of language" (Burridge and Mulder)
  5. Slang
    "The use of slang is a means of marking social or linguistic identity" (David Crystal)

    "Slang works much like masonic mortar to stick members of a group together - and of course at the same time to erect barriers between them and the outside" (Kate Burridge)
  6. Swearing
    "It is generally accepted that 'cunt' is the most tabooed word in the English Language" (David Crystal)

    “Australians swear more than any other English speaking population” (Roland Sussex)

    "'Bloody' has now become an important indicator of Australianness and of cultural values such as friendliness, informality, laid-backness, mateship - and perhaps even the Australian dislike and distrust of verbal and intellectual graces" (Kate Burridge)
  7. E-Speak
    "In Textspeak, we are seeing language in evolution" (David Crystal)
  8. Identity
    "All subsystems of language can have an influence on how we mark identity through language" (Macmillan text book)

    "More than anything else, language shows we belong, providing the most natural badge or symbol or pubic and private identity" (David Crystal)
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