Synovial Fluid

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  1. a viscous fluid in the cavities of the movable joints
    synovial fluid
  2. specialized cells found in the synovial membrane
  3. functions of the synovial fluid
    • reduce friction between bones
    • provides lubrication in the joints
    • provide nutrients to articular cartilage
    • lessens the shock of joint compression
  4. formed as an ultrafiltrate of plasma across the synovial membrance
    synovial fluid
  5. when plasma is filtrated to form synovial fluid, what part of the plasma is filtered?
    high molecular weight proteins
  6. they secrete a mucopolysaccharide containing hyaluronic acid and a small amount of protein into the fluid
  7. amount of protein secreted by synoviocytes
    approx 1/4 of the plasma concen
  8. term used to define damage to the articular membranes produces pain and stiffness in the joints
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