Wrist and Arm Locks

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  1. Outside wrist lock
    Omote gyaku
  2. Inside wrist lock
    Ura gyaku
  3. Strangling the wrist (lock)
    Hon gyaku jime
  4. Wrist lock (using elbow to brace) also the name of the wrist lock with crossed hands using tessen/hanbo
    Taki ori (breaking bamboo)
  5. Thumb grab
    Oyo goroshi
  6. Little finger grab
    Ko goroshi
  7. Finger breaking
    Yubi kudaki
  8. Arm lock over to outside shoulder break
    Oni kudaki
  9. Arm lock twisting under and bracing/stepping in
    muso (or musho/musha) dori
  10. Arm lock using other, non attacking arm
  11. Arm lock/brace of straight arm on elbow joint
    Wan gatami
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