Level H: Unit 3 Definitions

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  1. Ancillary
    (adj.) subordinate or supplementary
  2. Bowdlerize
    (v.) to remove material considered offensive (from a book, play, film, etc.)
  3. Condescend
    (v.) to come down or stoop voluntarily to a lower level; to deal with people in a patronizing manner
  4. Cozen
    (v.) to trick; to cheat or swindle
  5. Enclave
    (n.) an enclosed district, region, or area inhabited by a particular group of people or having a special character
  6. Forte
    (n.) a person's strong point; what a person does best
  7. Gratis
    (adj.) free; (adv.) without charge
  8. Icon
    (n.) a representation or image of a sacred personage, often considered sacred itself; an image or picture; a symbol; a graphic symbol on a computer monitor display; an object of blind devotion
  9. Interstice
    (n.) a small, narrow space between things or parts of things
  10. Macrocosm
    (n.) the universe considered as a whole; the entire complex structure of something
  11. Mountebank
    (n.) a trickster or swindler; a charlatan
  12. Paean
    (n.) a song of praise, joy, or triumph
  13. Persiflage
    (n.) lighthearted joking, talk, or writing
  14. Plethora
    (n.) overfullness; superabundance; superfulity
  15. Pragmatic
    (adj.) concerned with practical considerations or values; dealing with actions and results rather than with abstract theory; stiff in one's opinions
  16. Quizzical
    (adj.) puzzled; mocking; odd; equivocal
  17. Rapacity
    (n.) inordinate greed; the disposition to obtain one's desires by force, extortion, or plunder
  18. Schism
    (n.) a formal split within a religious organization; any division or separation of a group or organization into hostile factions
  19. Therapeutic
    (adj.) having the power to heal or cure; beneficial
  20. Virtuoso
    (n.) a brilliant performer; a person with masterly skill or technique; (adj.) masterly or brilliant

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