Essential Elements #4 Human Systems

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  1. Define Culture
    Including all features of a peoples way of life.
  2. Define Ethnic Groups
    Human population that shares a common culture or ancestry.
  3. Define Acculturation
    When and individual or group adopt some traits of another culture.
  4. Define Diffusion
    When an idea or innovation spreads from person or group to another and is adopted.
  5. Define Globalization
    When places around the world wear, eat, watch the same kinds of things.
  6. Define Traditionalism
    Following long time practices.
  7. World Languages and Religions
    How do people communicate?what do they believe?
  8. Define Lingua Franca
    Language of trade and communication.
  9. Define Ethnic Religions
    Old beliefs,legends, customs.
  10. Define Animist Religions
    People beliefs in the presence of the spirits and forces of nature.
  11. Define Polytheism
    Belief in many gods.
  12. Define Monotheism
    The belief in one god.
  13. Define Universalizing Religions
    More than half the worlds people follow these religions.
  14. How Many Languages are spoken in the world today?
  15. Why is languages important to culture?
    Because it wouldn't be a culture without different languages.
  16. Why is religion important to culture?
    Because it almost shapes a culture,
  17. What are the three main types of religions that geographers study?
    1) Ethnic religions

    2) Animist religions

    3) Universalizing religions
  18. Population Geography
    Where do people live? Why?
  19. Define Demography
    The statistical study of human populations.
  20. Define Population Destiny
    Average number of people living in an area.
  21. Define Migration
    The process of moving from one place to live in another.
  22. Define Emigrants
    People who leave a country to live somewhere else.
  23. Define Push Factors
    Causes people to leave a location.
  24. Define Pull Factors
    Attracts people to a new location.
  25. Define Refugees
    People who have been forces to leave their homes and can't return.
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