Motor Speech Exam 1: Unilateral UMN Dysarthria

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  1. Is UUMN dysarthria one of the original DAB types? 
    This label is ___, whereas others are ____.
    Results in...Weakness to same or other side of lesion? Where? Also accompanied by extreme weakness in extremities on opposite side.
    • No
    • Anatomic, physiologic
    • Other; Face, lips, tongue
    • Permanent or temporary
  2. limited attention as a dysarthria because it is typically mild and ___. Frequently co-occurs with... (3)
    Other problems mask its presence.
    • Temporary 
    • AOS, aphasia, cognitive problems (UUMN less functional importance)
  3. UUMN is typically caused by a small lesion sometimes not evidenced on imaging especially early on. May be only evidence of neurologic disease. What is the predominant cause?
    • CVA
    • small portion: traumatic, neurosurgical resections, tumor
  4. UUMN often occurs w/ aphasia or AOS when lesion is in ___ cerebral hemisphere. Common causes include occlusions where? (3) Can occur w/ cognitive deficits when in ___ hemisphere
    • left
    • MCA, L or R carotid, other infarcts
    • right
  5. Speech characteristics of UUMN dysarthria
    imprecise consonants, slow AMR's harsh voice quality, imprecise and irregular AMR's, slow rate, irregular artic breakdown, mild hyper nasality
  6. UUMN is primarily a disorder of ____. Impaired speech production related to (3). Severity ranges from mild to moderate.
    • Articulation
    • weakness, reduced ROM, decreased fine motor control of lips and tongue
  7. Phonation and UUMN dysarthria?
    Prosody and respiration?
    • mild to moderate harsh vocal quality 
    • hypernasality; UUMN lesion alone should result in only mild hyper nasality 
    • Rarely affected; Decreased rate of speech may impact prosody
  8. What are patient complaints of UUMN dysarthria?
    • None
    • slurred speech
    • thick tongue
    • speech gets worse as they tire
    • sometimes drooling
  9. How is diagnosis of UUMN dysarthria made?
    Purely perceptual; unilateral central face tongue weakness; stroke etiology; articulatory imprecision

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Unilateral UMN Dysarthria and characteristics
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