BME418 Ch. 6 (2)

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  1. The partition function for state 1: RNA polymerase molecules (P) to bind to nonspecific sites (NNS) (one molecule per site):
  2. The partition function for state 2: one RNA polymerase molecule to bind to the promoter (equivalent to P-1 RNA polymerase molecules bound to NNS nonspecific sites AND one on promoter):
  3. The total partition function for the p RNA polymerase molecules when they are bound to nonspecific or promoter sites:
  4. The total number of states available to the combined universe of system and reservoir when the system is in a particular microstate with energy Es(1) is:
  5. The probability for finding the system in state i with energy Es(i) is (Boltzmann distribution): (With the partition function)
  6. The probability of the macrostate X equation (include State, Weight chart):
  7. G(X)=? (In terms of Entropy & simplification of W, p(X)=?):
  8. Boltzmann distribution in terms of total energy to be shared among N particles:
  9. The entropy of ideal gas reflects the freedom to rearrange....
    The entropy of ideal gas reflects the freedom to rearrange both molecular positions and velocities (energy)
  10. For the momentum in x direction px, the contribution to the kinetic energy is:
  11. Using the Boltzmann distribution for a system with energy Ei:
  12. Average energy of a molecule in gas expressed in terms of momentum:
  13. Converting Average energy of a molecule in gas into continuous variable:
  14. Average energy of a molecule in gas:

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