Medical Terms

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  1. -cele
    hernia or protrusion; rectocele
  2. -centesis
    surgical puncture; thoracentesis
  3. -cyte
    cell; leukocyte
  4. -desis
    surgical binding; arthrodesis
  5. -dynia, -algia
    pain; arthrodynia
  6. -ectasis, -ectasia
    expansion or dilation; angiectasis
  7. -ectomy
    surgical removal; tonsilectomy
  8. -edema
    excessive fluid in intracellular tissues; angiodema
  9. -emesis
    vomiting; hematemesis
  10. -emia
    blood; uremia
  11. -genic
    origin, producing; carcinogenic
  12. -gram
    written or pictoral record; electrocardiogram
  13. -graph
    device for graphic or pictoral recording; electrocardiograph
  14. -graphy
    act of graphic or pictoral recording; electrocardiography
  15. -ian, -iatrist, -ist, -logist, -logy, -ics, -iatry, -iatrics
    specialty of, study of, practice of; geriatrist, pediatrician, gynecology
  16. -iasis
    used to convert verbs to nouns; cholelithiasis
  17. -ism
    a condition of, a process, a state of; dwarfism
  18. -itis
    inflammation; appendicitis
  19. -lith
    stone, calcification; tonsilith
  20. -lysis
    disintegration; hemolysis
  21. -malacia
    softening; osteomalacia
  22. -megaly
    enlargement; gastromegaly
  23. -meter
    device for measuring; sphygmomanometer
  24. -metry
    act of measuring; audiometry
  25. -oid
    resembling; android
  26. -oma
    tumor; melanoma
  27. -opsy
    visual examination; biopsy
  28. -osis
    abnormal condition; osteoporosis
  29. -pathy
    disease; cardiopathy
  30. -penia
    reduction in size or quantity; leukopenia
  31. -pexy
    surgical fixation; hysteropexy
  32. -phobia
    fear; claustrophobia
  33. -plasia
    abnormal formation; chrondroplasia
  34. -plasty
    surgical repair; rhinoplasty
  35. -plegia
    paralysis, hemiplegia
  36. -pnea
    breathing; apnea
  37. -poiesis
    producing; erythropoiesis
  38. -porosis
    porous condition; osteoporosis
  39. -ptosis
    downward displacement; nephroptosis
  40. -rrhage
    flowing forth; hemorrhage
  41. -rrhaphy
    suture; herniorrhaphy
  42. -rrhea
    discharge; diarrhea
  43. -rrhexis
    rupture; hysterorrhexis
  44. -sclerosis
    hardness; arteriosclerosis
  45. -scope
    device for viewing; microscope
  46. -scopy
    act of viewing; microscopy
  47. -spasm
    muscular contraction; arteriospasm
  48. -stasis
    level, unchanging; hemostasis
  49. -stenosis
    narrowed or blocked; arteriostenosis
  50. -stomy
    permanent opening; colostomy
  51. -tome
    instrument for cutting; osteotome
  52. -tomy
    incision; osteotomy
  53. -tripsy
    crushing; lithotripsy
  54. ab-
    away from, beyond; abnormal
  55. ad-
    toward, near to; addiction
  56. ante-, pre-
    before; antepartum
  57. anti-
    against; antibiotic
  58. bi-
    two; biannual
  59. brady-
    abnormally slow; bradycardia
  60. con-, sym-, syn-
    with; congenital, symbiosis, synarthrosis
  61. contra-
    against; contralateral
  62. dia-
    across, through; diagnosis
  63. dys-
    painful, bad, difficult; dyspnea
  64. ec-, ecto-
    outside, away from; ectopy
  65. en-, endo-
    inside; endoscopy
  66. epi-
    upon, subsequent to; epigastic
  67. ex-, exo-
    outside; exoskeleton
  68. extra-
    beyond; extrasystole
  69. hemi-. semi-
    half; hemiplegia
  70. hyper-
    above, beyond normal; hypergastric
  71. hypo-
    below, below normal; hypogastric
  72. infra-
    inside or below; infrastructure
  73. inter-
    between; intercostal
  74. intra-
    inside; intracerebral
  75. -macro
    big; macrocyte
  76. mono-, uni-
    one; monocyte
  77. meso-
    middle; mesothelium
  78. meta-
    beyond; metacarpal
  79. micro-
    small; microscope
  80. neo-
    new; neonatal
  81. olig-, oligo-
    a few; oliguria
  82. pan-
    everywhere; pancarditis
  83. para-
    alongside, like; paraplegia
  84. post-
    after; postsynaptic
  85. quadri-
    four; quardiceps
  86. retro-
    backward, behind; retroperitoneal
  87. tachy-
    abnormally high rate of speed; tachycardia
  88. tri-
    three; tricep
  89. arthr, arthro
  90. card, cardi, cardio
  91. derm, dermo, dermato
  92. gen, geno
    origin, cause
  93. ger, gero, geronto
    old age
  94. hem, hemo, hemato
  95. musculo
  96. natal
  97. neur, neuro
  98. os, osteo
  99. ped, pedia
  100. phren, phreno
    diaphragm, mind, or seat of passions
  101. psych
  102. skelet
  103. tendo, teno
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