Consumer Banking

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  1. 4 Main Financial Product Families
    • 1. Savings and Investment
    • 2. Treasury Services
    • 3. Commercial Services
    • 4. Transaction Services
  2. Why is there an emerging importance of consumer banking?
    As the middle class grows, so will its demand for goods and services, resulting in additional bank financing especially in consumer banking products and services
  3. 5 Main Competence Categories of Capabilities to achieve Excellence in Consumer Banking
    • 1. Performance-oriented corporate leadership
    • 2. Sophisticated marketing and sales
    • 3. Differentiated and efficient distribution
    • 4. Cost-efficient processes and IT
    • 5. Superior credit policy and skills
  4. Performance Oriented Corporate Leadership in Consumer Banking
    • 1. Exceptional corporate leadership in banks with highest scores for vision and strategy, which includes market-positioning and value proposition
    • 2. Ability to establish an embedded strong performance culture within the bank
    • 3. Rewarding superior performance accordingly
    • 4. Establishing a core culture of constantly striving to be the best
    • 5. Providing a clear org structure with clear responsibilities and account abilities
    • 6. Recognizing the importance and use of mgmt IS
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Consumer Banking

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