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  1. developing country
    A country that has low industrial production and little modern technology.
  2. peninsula
    A piece of land nearly surrounded by water.
  3. hydroelectricity
    Electricity produced by the power of running water.
  4. archipelago
    A group of islands.
  5. monsoon
    Winds that blow across the region at certain times of the year.
  6. China's 2 most important landforms are:
    Plateaus, wide plains
  7. The country that takes up most of East Asia is _____________.
  8. One of the most fertile regions of China, the North China Plain, has deposits of _________.
  9. The Huang He is the fourth longest river and runs through a fertile region of East Asia called ______________.
    North China Plain
  10. The climate of East Asia is __________.
  11. What strongly influences the climate of East Asia?
  12. Why can bamboo be grown a lot in East Asia?
    1)stores water in huge root system 2) strong plant that survives dry weather
  13. Japan and South Korea are developed countries but have few of what?
    Mineral resources such as iron or coal.
  14. East Asian countries must farm in all the available land because why?
    1) limited available land 2) feed large population
  15. Critical thinking: Explain the difference in the population densities of the lowland and coastal areas and the deserts, highlands and mountains of East Asia.
    • Lowland | Coastal = high population
    • Deserts | Mountains = low populations
  16. Critical thinking: How do South Korea's limited resources affect its economy?
    South Korea imports goods.
  17. Skills: What do you know about Mount Everest?
    1) Tallest mountain in the world 2) 29,208 feet tall 3) Himalayan mountain range
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