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  1. list 4 characteristics that describe fxn'al exercise:
    • activities that advance a pt. to safe return to ADL and/or sport as soon as possilbe
    • exercise which challenges the body in a manner it typically performs
    • facilitates unconscious integration of peripheral sensations into appropriate motor response
    • reliant upon knowledge of physics, biomechanics, motor control and physiology
  2. exercise prescription absolutely, definitely, requires a thorough evaluation of:
    intended movement and current fxn'al level
  3. breadown specific activity into hierarchy and then:
    preform a sequence that allows the skill acquistion
  4. success of fxn'al exercise depends on which 3 things:
    how an individual ...

    • detects
    • perceives
    • and use ...

    sensory information
  5. fxn'al movement requires which 5 things:
    • mobility: ROM, strength, coordination (motor control)
    • stability: strength, balance, & kinesthesia
    • motor control: proprioception
    • stability on mobility: dynamic stability
    • skill: reactive neuromuscular control, agility, power speed
  6. ROM, strength, and coordination are all features of which of the 5 aspects of fxn'al movement:
  7. strength, balance, & kinesthesia are all features of which of the 5 aspects of fxn'al movement:
  8. proprioception is a feature which of the 5 aspects of fxn'al movement:
    motor control
  9. dynamic stability are all features of which of the 5 aspects of fxn'al movement:
    stability on mobility
  10. reactive neuromuscular control, agility, power, speed are all features of which of the 5 aspects of fxn'al movement:
  11. what are the 3 features of fnx'al movement that are on the bottom of the fxn'al pyramid:
    • mobility
    • stability
    • motor control
  12. what are the 2 features of fxn'al movement  that are in the middle of the fxn'al pyramid:
    • stability on mobility
    • dynamic stability
  13. what is the feature of fxn'al movement that is on the top of the fnx'al movement pyramid:
  14. fxn'al skills (fxn'al performance or dynamic stability) require which 3 things:
    • agility
    • power
    • speed
  15. sport or ADL specific activity is a feature of:
    fxn'al skill
  16. agility, power, & speed are features of:
    fxn'al performance
  17. mobility, stability and motor control are features of:
    fxn'al movement
  18. describe the 4 characteristics that fxn'al exercise components of normal motion should include:
    • normal motion at all levels: arthrokinematic & osteokinematic
    • must analyze up & down the chain
    • progress from low level motion to high level motions needed in sport
    • key is to control motion (by the pt.)
  19. rehab should match all 5 fxn'al exercise components of muscle activity. list the 5:
    • type of contraction: isometric, concentric, eccentric
    • what plane
    • speed of contraction
    • timing- order of contraction
    • duration & force of contraction

    ow does it fxn at all joints?!
  20. the role of joint musculature goes beyond which 2 concepts:
    • strength
    • endurance
  21. eventhough these (2) are a component of muscle activity & fxn'al exercise, they do NOT assure normal fxn:
    • restroation of mechanical restraint
    • basic stregnthening
  22. complexity of joint motion and skill necessitates which 2 characteristics of muscle firing:
    • synergy
    • synchrony
  23. most improvement is not due to training volume or hypertrophy, but rather:
    adaptive response to neural adaptations
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