Wordly Wise - Lesson 2 - Week of 9/29

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  1. affect
    To bring about a change in.

    Ex: Do you think changing schools will affect my grades?

    To pretend to be or to have.

    Ex:  The reporter affected an interest in buying a used car in order to get the salesperson to talk to her.
  2. calculate
    To find the answer by using arithmetic.

    Ex: I gave my sister the check so she could calculate her share of the bill.

    To figure out by reasoning.

    Ex:  You'd better calculate the risks carefully before going on a long trip with that old car.
  3. climate
    The average weather conditions of an area.

    Ex: Florida's warm climate is perfect for growing oranges.
  4. column
    A row of figures or words running down a printed page; anything arranged like that.

    Ex: Do all the problems in the first column on page 30.

    A tall, usually stone support that holds up something.

    Ex: Forty-six marble columns support the roof of the Parthenon in Athens.

    A regular newspaper or magazine article usually written by the same person.

    Ex: My mother writes a weekly sports column for Newsday.
  5. decay
    To rot.

    Ex: Leaves left on the ground will decay over the winter.

    A breaking down or rotting.

    Ex: Dentists say tooth decay can be prevented by regular brushing and flossing.
  6. exceed
    To be more than.

    Ex:  The final score of Monday's game exceeded our best hopes.

    To go beyond what is allowed.

    Ex: The officer who stopped me told me never to exceed the speed limit again.

    excess - More than enough; an extra amount.

    excessive - Too much or too great.

    Ex: Last winter my parents paid an excessive amount for heating oil.
  7. forbid
    To order not to do something.

    Ex: A state law forbids smoking in hospitals.

    forbidden - Not allowed.

    Ex: Eating in class is forbidden.
  8. grove
    A group of trees growing together with open space between them.

    Ex:  The children walked hand in hand through the grove of lemon trees.
  9. limb
    An arm, leg, or wing.

    Ex: Bats use their webbed front and back limbs to fly.

    A large tree branch.

    Ex: The owl was perched on the top limb of the tree.
  10. mammoth
    Very large; huge.

    Ex: The mammoth Seattle Skydome holds over fifty thousand people.
  11. mature
    To become fully grown or developed.

    Ex: Rabbits mature in about six months and are then able to bear young.

    Fully grown or developed; adult.

    Ex: My brother looks very mature for only eleven.
  12. permit
    To allow.

    Ex:  Some towns permit overnight parking downtown.

    A written notice that allows a person to do something.

    Ex:  You need a permit to go fishing in that lake.
  13. resist
    To refuse to give in to; to withstand.

    Ex: Some kinds of corn resist disease better than others.

    To work or fight against.

    Ex: The armies of Genghis Khan were so powerful, it was useless to resist them.
  14. scorch
    To burn slightly.

    Ex: If you press a shirt with an iron that is too hot, you might scorch the cloth.

    scorching - Very hot.

    Ex: On such a scorching July day, the only thing I wanted after work was a swim in the ocean.
  15. tower
    To stand above or higher than what is around it.

    Ex: The Statue of Liberty towers above New York Harbor.

    towering - Very high; tall.

    Ex: Looking up at the towering skyscrapers gave me a stiff neck.
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