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  1. continuous function (two variable)
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  2. equation of tangent plane
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  3. linear approx. of surface
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  4. total differential for Image Upload
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  5. chain rule case I: Image Upload ,
    Image Upload
    Image Upload
  6. chain rule case II: Image Upload ,
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    Image Upload     Image Upload
  7. implicit differentiation: Image Upload
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  8. implicit differentiation: Image Upload
    Image Upload       Image Upload
  9. gradient vector
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  10. directional derivative:
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  11. maximum directional derivative
    Image Upload in direction of Image Upload
  12. tangent plane to level surface
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    •         Image Upload
  13. normal line to level surface
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  14. Lagrange Multiplier equation
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  15. two constraint Lagrange Multiplier
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  16. double integral over rectangle
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  17. volume of solid above rectangle R and below Image Upload  if  Image Upload
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  18. average value of function over rectangle
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