Chap 1 & 2

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  1. Competent Communicator
    Does what is appropriate and effective in a given situation
  2. What is SQRRR?
    • Survey the chapter
    • Question
    • Read to answer questions
    • Recite
    • Review
  3. Chemical Reactions
    • Dopamin - Good
    • Quartizel - Bad
    • Adrenaline - Bad
  4. Identity Needs
    Where you fit in - clothes you buy
  5. What are the three needs for a person?
    • Physical needs
    • Identity needs
    • Social needs
  6. Social Expectation
    How others want you to act, look forward to, or anticipate
  7. Realistic Perceptions
    Actual sense of what is happening around you
  8. Setting
    The surroundings or enviroment of anything
  9. Realistic Expectations
    Attainable state of looking forward or anticipating
  10. Emphasis on perfection
    unblemished character
  11. Linear Communication Model: Depicts communication as something a sender "does to" a reciever
    • Sender : the person creating the message
    • encodes: puts thoughts into symbols, usually words
    • message : the information being transmitted
    • channel : the medium through which the message passes
    • receiver : the person attending to the message
    • decodes : makes sense of the message
    • Noise : distractions that disrupt trusmission
  12. Reflected Apprasial
    The theory that a person's self-concept mirrors the way the person believes others regard him or her
  13. Self-concept
    The relatively stable set of perceptions each individual holds of himself or herself
  14. Self-esteem
    The part of the self-concept that involves an individual's evaluations of his or her self-worth
  15. Self-fulfilling prophecy
    An expectation of an event, followed by behaviors based on that expectation, that makes the outcome more likely to occur than would have been the case otherwise.
  16. Social comparison
    Evaluation of oneself in terms of or by comparison to others
  17. Identity Management
    The communication strategies people use to influence how others view them
  18. Appearance
    The state, condition, manner, or style in which a person or object appears; outward look or aspect
  19. Distored Feedback
    Not an accurate response from the sender to the receiver
  20. Ego Buster
    People that make comments directly or indirectly that make you feel bad about yourself
  21. Ego Booster
    People that make comments directly or indirectly that make you feel good about yourself
  22. Manner
    A way of doing, being done, or happening; made of action, occurrence, etc....
  23. Obsolete Information
    Information no longer in general use has fallen into disuse
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