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  1. peer pressure
    People your own age trying to influence you to do something.
  2. stress
    Any response to a demand in your body or mind.
  3. healthful behavior
    What you do that is good for you.
  4. depression
    A feeling of sadness or gloom.
  5. risk behavior
    An action that can be harmful to you or others.
  6. emotion
    A feeling inside you.
  7. self-concept
    The way you think and feel about yourself most of the time.
  8. good character
    Choosing good actions that show respect for self and others.
  9. health goal
    Something you work toward to achieve and maintain good health.
  10. stressor
    Anything that causes stress.
  11. What does your personality include?
    Your traits, talents and actions.
  12. What is a Health Behavior Contract?
    It is a written plan for reaching a health goal.
  13. What does it mean to feel shy?
    To be shy is to not feel comfortable around other people.
  14. What are the steps to managing stress?
    1) Identify the signs of stress. 2) Identify the cause of stress. 3) Do something about the cause of stress 4) Take action to reduce the harmful effects of stress.
  15. What are examples of short-term goals?
    1) I will get a medical check-up this year 2) I will eat more healthfully.
  16. Negative peer pressure can cause you to _____________.
    make wrong decisions
  17. When you think before you act, you show you are ______________.
  18. Eating a healthful breakfast helps you ______________.
    focus at school
  19. What does mental and emotional health include?
    Mental and emotional health includes how you express your feelings and manage stress.
  20. When using resistance skills, it is important to __________________.
    firmly say "no." Don't yell but don't be shy about it.
  21. List the 6 Character Traits.
    1) trustworthiness 2) responsibility 3) respect 4) fairness 5) caring 6) citizenship
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