A&P Lect 2 part 2

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  1. what distinguishes thick skin from thin skin?
    thick- more nerve endings, more sweat glands, no hair, no sebaceous glands 

    thick skin on palms 
  2. what is the protein that fills the skin cells?
  3. function of the skin pigment?
    protect from UV light
  4. how many tissue groups are found in the skin?
    all of them
  5. function of dermal papillae?
    • prevent epidermal slipping
    • increase friction
  6. what produces fingerprints?
    epidermal ridges (the result of dermal papillae)
  7. what immune cells live in the skin?
    dendritic cells
  8. life history of keratinocyte?
    • made in the stratum basale 
    • moves upward away from the blood supply
    • fills with keratin
    • loses organelles
    • dies
  9. what produces water proofing of the skin?
    • lipid filled vesicles
    • no skin glands in epidermis
  10. what are skin glands found?
  11. temperature regulation by the skin?
    to cool down- vessels dilate and sweat glands produce more water 

    to warm up- vessels constrict (to the point of no blood flow)
  12. what are the skin glands and what do they secrete?
    sweat glands- merocrine: watery secretions that contain some electrolytes and acids, ducts open into the skin 

    sweat glands- apocrine: thick secretions with lipids, serve as scent glands, don't develop until puberty, ducts open into the hair follicle 

    sebaceous glands- produce lipid rich secretions that moisturize the skin, ducts open into hair follicles
  13. anatomy of a hair?
    hollow core surrounded with dead cortex, with erector muscle and sensory nerve attached to each hair

    every hair has own nerve and muscle 
  14. anatomy of a nail?
    thicker keratin, cells are dead, grows from nail matrix beneath nail fold
  15. what differentiates bone from other connective tissue?
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