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  1. A fortiori
    with stronger reason, all the more
  2. a posteriori
    inductive reasoning
  3. a priori
    deductive reasoning
  4. a quo
    from which, from whom
  5. ab ante
    in advance
  6. ab initio
    from the beginning
  7. abandonment
    surrender, relinquished, disclaimer
  8. abatement
    reducing, diminishing, quashing
  9. abet
    to aid, encourage, incite another to commit a crime
  10. abettor
    one who abets
  11. abeyance
    temporarily set aside, suspension
  12. abjure
    renounce upon oath
  13. abnegation
    denial renunciation
  14. abrogate
    annul, cancel
  15. abscond
    to leave quickly and hide
  16. absolve
    release from a charge, obligation, or charge
  17. abstract
    a summary; abstract of title: a summary of the conveyances and transfers of real property
  18. abut
    to touch
  19. accord
    an arrangement between a debtor and a creditor for payment on different terms
  20. accrue
    to increase, to add to, to augment
  21. acknowledgement
    an affirmation
  22. actio
    a lawsuit
  23. actus
    an act
  24. ad damnum
    to the damage
  25. ad finem
    to the end
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