A Law vocab 2/3

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  1. ad hoc
    for this special purpose
  2. ad infinitum
    without limit or end
  3. ad interim
    in the meantime
  4. ad libitum
    at pleasure; as one wishes, unrestricted, liberty
  5. ad litem
    pending the suit, while the litigation is going on
  6. ad nauseam
    to the point of disgust
  7. ad valorem
    according to the value
  8. additur
    the power/authority of the trial court to increase an inadequate jury verdict
  9. adduce
    to present or introduce evidence
  10. adjudicate
    to settle judicially
  11. adjure
    to solemnly command/ to order
  12. admiralty
    body of law governing maritime cases
  13. admonition
    a warning; caution given to the jury by the judge or an attorney to the deponent
  14. affiant
    one who swears out of an affidavit /sworn statement
  15. affinity
    relationship by marriage between each of the married person and the kindred of the other

    ex. brother-in-law relationship
  16. affirm
    to solemnly declare without oat/ declare it is true
  17. affront
    an insult
  18. aforesaid
    already mentioned
  19. a.k.a.
    also known as
  20. aleatory
    uncertain, risky
  21. alias
    "otherwise called" a fictitious name/ fake name
  22. alibi
    "elsewher" "in another place"
  23. alienist
    psychologist or psychiatrist
  24. aliquot
  25. aliunde
    from another source, from elsewhere
  26. all fours
    in agreement with something on all the essential points
  27. ambit
    boundary, limit
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