Chem test

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  1. Atom
    smallest particles having properties of an element
  2. molecules
    chemically bonded group of atoms existing in a pack
  3. element
    sample having only one type of atom
  4. monatominc
    single atom existing by its self
  5. diatomic
    two of the same elements chemically bonded together
  6. 7 naturally diatomic elements
  7. Compound
    two or more elements chemically bonded together
  8. Homogeneous mixture
    same amount of elements floating throughout,
  9. heterogeneous mixture
    not the same amount of elements floating throughout
  10. Characteristics of colloids
    cloudy, scatters light
  11. characteristics of suspensions
    particles settle out, layers
  12. types of elements
    metals, non metals, metalloids
  13. decantation
    skimming or pouring off the top of another liquid. used for different densities
  14. Centrifugation
    spinning a container in a circle, heavier particles will stay in the center while lighter ones spin around
  15. physical change
    changes affecting the form of a chemical substance, but not its composition
  16. chemical change
    a substance combines with another to create a completely new one
  17. characteristics of metals
    good electrical and heat conductors. luster, malleable, solid @ room temp.
  18. characteristics of metalloids
    solid @room temp, less malleable, semi conductor, reactivity varies
  19. characteristics of non metals
    poor at conducting heat and electr. dull, brittle. powdery (if solid)  reactivity varies
  20. groups
    go up and down
  21. periods
    go left to right
  22. lanthelides
    atomic numbers 57-71 reactive to air. top row of bottom section below main part
  23. antinides
    atomic numbers 89-103 radioactive. bottom row of section below main part.
  24. noble gases
    no reactive elements in group zero in per. table
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