Chapter 10 Quiz 2

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  1. Alliance between Milan, Naples, and Florence against the papal states
    Treaty of Lodi
  2. Foolishly sought the assistence of the french when milan was threatened by naples
    Milanese despot Ludovico
  3. Charles VII through Italy
    • conquers Florence, the papal states, and Naples
    • exiles Medici
    • league of Venice forms to counter(united Italians)
  4. Who uses political manuvering to give the French control of romagna
    Pope Alexander
  5. the warrior pope
    Pope Julius II beat the french out of Italy, gained papal states
  6. Concordat of Bologna gave
    the french king control over French clergy
  7. who wrote the prince, italy political unity
    Niccolo Machiavelli
  8. what weakened the nobility and the church
    • Hundred years War
    • Black Death
    • Great Schism
  9. Moanrch began to create standing national armies with
    paid soliders
  10. Monarchs made money through
    • taxation
    • selling bonds
  11. Who helped develop French strong economy
    French financial minister Jacques Coeur
  12. What French king conquer Charles the Bold and Brugundy
    Louis XI
  13. Compare Renaissance vs Northern
    • more diverse social backgrounds
    • more devoted to religious reform
    • wrote for lat audiences
  14. Johann Gutenberg creates the _____ with movable type
    printing press
  15. Who laid the egg that luther hatched
  16. Works of Erasmus
    • Colloquies-anticlerical and satirical religious dogmas
    • philosophia Christi
  17. father of German Humanism
    rudolf Agricola
  18. who united humanism in germany
    • Conrad celtics
    • Ulrich von Hutten
  19. best known english humanist
    sir thomas more
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