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  1. EAR
    Estimated AVERAGE requirement: calculated as the MEAN from a large # of experiments on ppl related to intake of specific nutrition to optimal FXN of MET processes and/or CELL fxns, depending on the nutrient
  2. RDA
    • Recommended Dietary Allowance: 2 STDEVs ABOVE the MEAN (from EAR)
    • Should encompass 98% of population’s needs
  3. AI
    • Adequate Intake: Only when INSUFFICIENT DATA to do proper statistics based on intake studies of Apparently Healthy individuals.
    • This is used to ESTIMATE RDA only IF sufficient numbers of ppl have been tested
  4. UL
    (Tolerable) Upper limit: HIGHEST intake of nutrient that poses minimal risk of toxic effects. Based on case by case and small studies of extreme intake
  5. Diff b/w RDA and AI
    • Both Based on research on metabolic fxn of nutrient and optimal amts to MAXIMIZE that FXN.
    • RDA is calculated by statistics taking into account 98% of population: gives 2 stdev’s above the mean intake
    • AI is estimate of what the RDA MIGHT be: based on only a SMALL AMOUNT of research on a Few ppl
  6. What were and why were Vitamin C RDA values change
    • Ascorbic acid RDAs increased 25%
    • This was due to new measurement techniques: Maximizing neutrophil uptake of ascorbic acid with minimal excretion via the urine.
  7. Function of Vitamin C and its relation to RDA determination
    • Neutrophils rely on uptake Vitamin C in order for this nutrient to have an antioxidant role for neutrophils to fxn with their role of killing bacteria w/oxygen radicals and other oxidants
    • This biological fxn demands the HIGHEST dietary intake of Ascorbic acid compared to other fxns, so it is the RELEVANT MEASURE
  8. Function of Vitamin E and its change in RDA
    • Vitamin E values increased 100%!
    • RDA based on measure of relating dietary intake of a-tocopherol (type of Vit E) to plasma levels of a-tocopherol and the fxn of preventing erythrocyte lysis.
    • This measure DIRECTLY determines the anti-oxidant fxn of a-tocopherol in a VALID biological role and that different forms of tocopherols are NOT metabolically interchangeable…ONLY alpha-tocopherol can be considered
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