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  1. What is a metabolic pathway, and its purpose
    • Consists of enzyme, or series of enzymes that are responsible for picking up a molecule and converting it to another molecule that can be used for one or all:
    • 1. Cell fxn
    • 2. Cell structure
    • 3. Entry into ANOTHER metabolic pathway
  2. Name 5 metabolic pathways
    • 1. Glycolysis
    • 2. Beta oxidation
    • 3. TCA (citric acid) cycle
    • 4. Transamination reactions
    • 5. Electron Transport Chain
  3. Glycolysis role
    • Produces pyruvic acid FOR an Acetyl CoA to be produced in mitochondria
    • Produces NADH (electrons) for ETC in mitochondria
    • Production of ATP anaerobically
  4. Beta-oxidation
    Produces Acetyl CoA for TCA in mitochondria FROM FATTY ACIDS
  5. TCA (citric acid cycle)
    • ACCEPTS Acetyl CoA for CITRATE cynthesis
    • Produces NADH (electrons) for ETC in mitochondria
    • Production of GTP (anaerobically)
  6. Transamination reactions
    Produces pyruvic acid, Acetyl CoA or TCA INTERMEDIATES …FROM AMINO ACIDS
  7. ETC
    Joins electrons from TCA & Glycolysis to —> OXYGEN molecule to make H20 and PRODUCE ATP
  8. Explain purpose of Signal-transduction pathways that are activated by Growth factor(s) and how does it work..
    • Purpose of s-t pathways via Growth factors: GFs stimulate a part of cellular growth by ENHANCING activity of Transcription factors..stimulates TRANSCRIPTION (and translation) of the genes controlled by these TFs
    • How does it work: GF BINDS to cell RECEPTOR to activate an enzyme…mostly via PHOSPHORYLATION events, then this active enzyme phosphorylates the next in a series of phos. events that make up the S-T pathway. Final event is phos of TF to BIND promoter and ENHANCE Transcription/translation to make PROTEINS leading to CELL GROWTH
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