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  1. What vital signs monitor for hyperthyroid
    atypical hr, bp, temp, (thyroid crisis)
  2. Ways to reduce stimulation for hyperthyroid
    quiet, calm, rest
  3. Promote comfort for hyperthyroid
    cool room, bed linen, ice water
  4. Nutrition for hyperthyroid
    increase calories and protien
  5. Radioactive iodine therapy for hyperthyroid
    • RAI
    • 1-3 doses
    • Up to a month before complete control of symptoms
    • Radioactive percautions for a month
  6. Drug therapies for hyperthyroid
    • Thionamides (PTU)- perferred (a couple weeks)
    • Iodine preparations- short term, < blood flow
    • Lithium- side effects 
    • Chart 66-3
  7. Surgical management for hyperthyroid
    • Large goiter or poor response to drug
    • Total or subtotal thyroidectomy
  8. Preoperative for hyperthyroid
    • Drugs for normal thyroid function 
    • Control cardiac symptoms
    • Nutritional (increase protein and carbs)
    • Educate- neck support with movement and coughing, turn whole upper body instead of just neck
  9. Postoperative hyperthyroid
    • Position- sandbags and semi fowlers
    • Hormone replacement- lifelong
  10. position postoperative hyperthyroid
    semi fowlers
  11. monitoring hemorrage postop hyperthyroid for how long?
    24 hr
  12. Signs of respiratory distress post op hyperthyroid
    stridor, tracheostomy set, Call Respiratory response team
  13. hypocalcemia and tetany post op hyperthyroid are signs of
    parathyroid damage
  14. Avoid _______ with suture line pressure post op hyperthyroid
    avoid extrension
  15. Test for laryngeal nerve damage how often post op hyperthyroid?
    2 hr
  16. Hoarseness is _____ post op hyperthyroid
  17. Thyroid storm or thyroid crisis
    • life threatening 
    • untreated or uncontrolled hyperthyroidism
  18. triggers of thyroid storm
    trauma, infection, DKA, pregnancy, surgery
  19. Symptoms of thyroid storm
    fever, tachycardia, systolic hypertention, N/V/D, anxiety, tremors
  20. Interventions thyroid storm
    • airway
    • cardiac monitor
    • VS every 30 minutes
    • cool as possible
    • Normal saline IV
    • steoids
    • proparnolol
    • antithyroid drugs
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