Ecology terms chapter 3

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  1. Biodiversity
    • The number and variety of organisms found in a certain region. 
    • Eg. Over 1.7 million species of animals, plants, and algae have been identified
  2. Protect
    • To legally guard a species from harm that is listed as being endangered, threatened or of special concern
    • Eg. The blue whale is an endangered species, and is protected by the government
  3. Biodiversity Hotspot
    • A place in which there is an exceptionally large number of species in a relatively small area
    • Eg. Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve
    • Related terms. Biodiversity, Community
  4. Community
    • All the populations of different species  that interact in a certain area or ecosystem.
    • Eg. A forest
    • Related terms. Ecosystem
  5. Dominant Species
    • Species that have the largest biomass of any community member. 
    • eg. grass
    • In terrestrial ecosystems, primary producers are always the dominant species
    • The removal of a dominant species will result in a decrease in biodiversity within the ecosystem
  6. Keystone Species
    • Species that can greatly affect populations and health of an ecosystem. They are generally not very abundant and can be plants or animals
    • Eg. a wolf
  7. Captive breeding
    • The breeding of endangered or rare wildlife in a controlled setting  to increase their population size
    • Eg. Black-footed ferret
    • Related terms. Population, Endangered
  8. Ecosystem Engineer
    • A species that causes such a dramatic change to landscapes that it can create a new ecosystem altogether.
    • Eg. The beaver
    • related terms. Keystone species
  9. Succesion
    • The series of changes after a disturbance in an ecosystem that occurs over time.
    • Eg. A beaver pond
    • Related terms. Habitat loss,
  10. Habitat Loss
    • The destruction of habitats, usually because of human activities.
    • Eg. The oil sands
    • Related terms. Deforestation
  11. Deforestation
    • The action of clearing out forests for logging or other human uses, and not replacing them.
    • Eg. The oil sands
    • Related terms. Deforestation, Overexpliotation
  12. Alien Species
    • A species that is either accidentally or deliberately introduced into a location where i does not previously exist
    • Eg. Zebra mussels
    • Related terms. Invasive species
  13. Invasive Species
    • An alien species that takes over and overcomes the habitat of native species.
    • Eg.Zebra mussels
    • Related terms. Alien species, Competition
  14. Overexploitation
    • The use or extraction of a resource faster than it can be replenished, until it is depleted.
    • Eg. Passenger pigeons
    • Related terms. Extinction, Population
  15. Extinction
    • The death of an entire population of species.
    • Eg. the dinosaurs
    • Related terms. Overexpliotation, Population
  16. Biodiversity Crisis
    • The current accelerated rate of extinctions caused by humans.
    • related terms. Extinction, Biodiversity,
  17. Restoration Ecology
    • The restoration of degraded or destroyed ecosystems through deliberate and active human intervention.
    • eg. Don Valley Brick Works
    • Related terms. Reforestation
  18. Reforestation
    • The regrowth of a forest, whether it be through natural processes or through the planting of seeds and trees in a deforested area.
    • Eg. The reforestation of red pines in eastern Canada
    • Related terms. restoration ecology, deforestation
  19. Biocontrol
    • The use of a certain species to control the population growth of another species or the spread of an undesirable species.
    • Eg. Parasitiod introduced to eat the Gypsy Moth
  20. Bioremediation
    • The process of using living organisms to clean up contaminated areas naturally
    • Eg. Bacteria used to break down oil from oil spills
    • Related terms. Restoration ecology, Bioaugmentaion
  21. Bioaugmentaion
    • The use of organisms to add essential nutrients back into the soil of depleted soils.
    • eg. clovers used to replenish nitrogen levels in soil
    • related terms. Bioremediation, restoration ecology
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