Lord of the Allegories

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  1. Allegory
    Allegory is a form of extended metaphor where objects, characters, and actions in a novel are equated with the meanings outside the novel itself. Often, characters are personifications of abstract ideas (ie. charity, greed, envy). An allegory is a story with two meanings: a literal meaning and a symbolic meaning.
  2. Allegory Example:  Fables "The Boy Who Cried Wolf”
    The boy symbolizes liars and what happens to those liars who do not tell the truth.
  3. Allegory vs. Symbolism
    Allegory and symbolism are similar, but an allegory is sustained longer and is more detailed.
  4. Allegory vs. Symbolism: Piggy's Glasses
    • Symbol: intellect and knowledge
    • Allegory: The eventual, gradual, unavoidable decline of intellect and civilization in a ‘de-evolving’ society
  5. Types of Allegory: Psychological Allegory
    Freud’s study of the unconscious mind and the need for balance
  6. Types of Allegory: Psychological Allegory: Brain
  7. Types of Allegory: Psychological Allegory: Id
  8. Types of Allegory: Psychological Allegory: Ego
  9. Types of Allegory: Psychological Allegory: Superego
    Simon or Piggy
  10. Political Allegory #1
    Free World vs. Soviet Union war (Cold War), fear of nuclear destruction, totalitarian state vs. democratic state, quest for power and domination
  11. Political Allegory #1 - Ralph
  12. Political Allegory #1 - Jack
  13. Political Allegory #1 - Littleuns
    Common man
  14. Political Allegory #1 - Piggy
  15. Political Allegory #2 - Island
    The adult world - Physical destruction is evident on the island and adult world
  16. Political Allegory #2 - Boys
    Humanity - each has a role: leader, servant, thinker, warrior (hunter), common man
  17. Political Allegory #2 - Rules
    form of gov’t depending on leader - conch
  18. Political Allegory #2 - Fighting
  19. Religious Allegory - Island
    Garden of Eden
  20. Religious Allegory - Beast
    “snake-like” thing that brings fear, evil
  21. Religious Allegory - Lord of the Flies
  22. Religious Allegory - Simon
    observer, Christ-like (sacrificed), does “good” for others, provides hope (Ralph), seer, seeks truth, does good , not understood, confronts devil, reclaimed by nature
  23. Religious Allegory - Piggy
    the “fall” of mankind, can’t understand the spiritual truth (Simon)
  24. Religious Allegory - Ralph
    everyman seeking salvation
  25. Religious Allegory - Jack
    evil, temptation
  26. What’s in a Name? - Ralph
    (Anglo-Saxon) “council”
  27. What’s in a Name? - Jack
    (Hebrew) “one who deceives” or “one who takes over
  28. What’s in a Name? - Simon
    (Hebrew) “one who listens” or “one who observes” one of Christ’s disciples
  29. What’s in a Name? - Roger
    “famous with the spear”
  30. What’s in a Name? - Lord of the Flies
    (Greek)“Beelzebub” or “Satan”
  31. What’s in a Name? - Piggy
    hunted animal on island, not respected, (irony - pigs are one of the smartest animals on earth)
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