digital world 2020 exam 1

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  1. information system
    A system, whether automated or manual, that comprises people, machines, and/or methods organized to collect, store and process data that represent user information
  2. information
    knowledge communicated or received concerning some fact or circumstance
  3. signal
    the actual entity(electrical,optical, mechanical etc.) that is transmitted from sender to receiver
  4. message
    the knowledge that is transmitted
  5. the phonograph was invented by
    thomas edison
  6. input transducer
    the device that converts a physical signal from a source to an electrical,electromagnetic, or mechanical signal more suitable for communicating.
  7. transmitter
    the device that sends the transduced signal
  8. transmission channel
    the physical medium on which the signal is carried
  9. receiver
    the device that recovers the transmitted signal from the channel.
  10. output transducer
    a device that converts the received signal back into a useful physical quantity.
  11. block diagram
    • useful tool for representing complex systems
    • each block represents a subsystem which performs some function
  12. subsystem
    the specific function, that determines the relationship between the signal leaving the block, and the signal entering the block
  13. who invented the telephone
    alexander graham bell
  14. fidelity
    a measure of the difference between the original and reproduced forms of information
  15. knowledge
    everything that your brain is capable of dealing with, interpreting, using, and that you have to the desire to remember
  16. bit
    binary digit
  17. analog
    the natural world where time is continuous and most parameters can vary smoothly and continuously over some range taking on an infinite number of possible values
  18. digital
    information representations for which both time and the value being measured move in discrete steps-that is there are a finite # of positive values.
  19. raw text
    anything you could represent by characters on the keys of a computer keyboard in a single font, with one size, no emphasis, no adornments
  20. MIME(multipurpose internet mail extensions)
    allowed for attachments in email
  21. killer apps
    software applications that have taken on importance due to broad acceptance and applicability
  22. dan bricklin
    wrote the first spreadsheet program
  23. tim berners lee
    the www was his brainchild
  24. Marc andressen
    lead programmer at ncsa that was the creator of netscape
  25. HTML
    (hyper text markup language) universal simple language for formatting, imbedding of graphics, and hypertextual linking of documents
  26. url
    universal resource locator
  27. path name
    the branches along the tree leading to your document and the document itself
  28. sgml
    language to describe other languages that in turn describe documents
  29. postscript
    language developed by adobe to tell a printer how to print a document
  30. wang computer
    first word prcessor
  31. wordstar
    first word processor for pc's
  32. dynamic webpage
    content constantly changing
  33. kennith bowles
    developed the ucsd pascal and P-code system emulated by java
  34. samule morse
    invented the telegraph
  35. who invented the transister
    bell lab scientists
  36. Johannes gutenburg
    printing press
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