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  1. 3PL
    Third Party Logistics freight broker that offers partial or complete logistical management solutions for their customer
  2. ACH
    Abbreviation that refers to Automated Clearing House electronic payment systems
  3. Agent
    • Person who arranges for the transportation of goods under the authority of a licensed
    • freight broker.
  4. API
    Application Programming Interface is a method used to send and receive data between computer systems via the web.
  5. Authority
    Grant of legal permission issued by the.
  6. FMCSA
    To transport or arrange for the transportation of goods or passengers.
  7. Backhaul
    A load that will return a motor carrier to their home domicile.
  8. Bill of Lading
    • Legal document issued by the carrier as proof that a shipment has been received from
    • the shipper, by the carrier, for ultimate delivery to the consignee.
  9. BMC-84
    Form prescribed by the FMCSA used to document surety bonds.
  10. BMC-85
    Form prescribed by the FMCSA used to document trust funds.
  11. BOC-3
    Form used to list "Agents of Process" for brokers/carriers and must remain on file with the FMCSA.
  12. Break Bulk
    Distribution center that rearranges bulk shipments for smaller freight terminals.
  13. C.F.R
    Code of Federal Regulations - A solitary resource for legal language supporting all Federal agencies.
  14. Cartage
    Slang term used for transporting goods via truck.
  15. Common Carrier
    • Motor Carrier that services the needs of the general public and operates "for hire"
    • based on its published tariff rates.
  16. Consignee
    Company or person who receives the freight.
  17. Container
    A large steel box enclosure used to transport intermodal freight.
  18. Contingent Auto Liability
    • An insurance policy for brokers that covers bodily injury and property
    • damage in the event a carrier is involved in an auto accident and the carrier's insurance fails to acknowledge
    • the claim.
  19. Contingent Cargo Liability
    • An insurance policy for brokers that covers physical loss or damage
    • to cargo in the event the carrier's insurance fails to acknowledge a claim.
  20. Contingent General Liability
    • An insurance policy for brokers that covers physical damage to people
    • and property in the event the carrier's insurance fails to acknowledge a claim.
  21. Contract Carrier
    • Motor Carrier than may only service those with whom they have a
    • "contract"
  22. Cubic Ton
    • A mass-derived unit of volume referenced by density: a cubic ton of cotton requires
    • more area volume than a cubic ton of bricks
  23. Dead Head
    Empty, unloaded miles incurred by the motor carrier
  24. DHS
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  25. DOD
    U.S. Department of Defense
  26. Drayage
    • The transportation of containers or semi-trailers between sea ports and inland locations
    • such as hub centers and rail terminals
  27. Dry Van
    An enclosed dry box semi-trailer used to transport goods
  28. EDI
    Electronic Data Interchange - used to pass electronic data from one computer system to another
  29. Escort Usher
    vehicles used to accompany semi-trucks for oversize loads
  30. ETA
    Estimated Time of Arrival
  31. Express Code
    Numeric code used to authorize electronic payments
  32. FAA
    Federal Aviation Administration
  33. Factoring
    Financial term used to reference the financing of Accounts Receivable (A/R) invoices
  34. FEU
    (forty foot equivalent unit) refers to the number of 20-foot containers a vessel is capable of carrying
  35. FMCSA
    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  36. Free on Board
    (FOB) Term defining how the products being shipped have been sold to the consigned
  37. Freight Classification
    Method of freight rate computation based on a combination of density, stowability, handling and liability
  38. Freight Forwarder
    A freight broker/carrier that takes physical possession of the cargo at some point during transit
  39. FTL
    Abbreviation used to reference a Full Truck Load of freight
  40. Fuel Surcharge
    A fee used to offset increasing fuel prices for motor carriers.
  41. GVWR
    Gross Vehicle Weight Rating for commercial motor vehicles.
  42. HAZMAT
    Abbreviation used to reference Hazardous Materials
  43. Hundredweight
    A unit of measure used to calculate shipping rates based on weight
  44. ICC
    Interstate Commerce Commission - the former Federal agency charged with governing interstate and intrastate commerce via commercial motor vehicles
    • (international commercial terms) used in lieu of international shipments to set
    • out responsibilities before and after certain points in the transportation cycle
  46. Intermodal
    Term used to describe the transportation of freight or passengers using at least two different transportation modes (truck, boat, rail, air, etc...)
  47. Interstate Commerce
    The transportation of commodities from one state to another
  48. Intrastate Commerce
    The transportation of commodities within a single state
  49. ISO
    • International Organization for Standardization - a family of standards for detailed
    • management systems
  50. Line Haul Rate
    The rate paid to a motor carrier for transporting freight
  51. Load Board
    • Freight matching service that allows brokers and carriers to post load and truck
    • availability
  52. Long Ton
    • Metric unit of measurement that represents the Imperial (United Kingdom) system: A
    • long ton is equal to 2240 pounds
  53. LTL
    • Less Than Truckload - partial shipments such as a pallet of goods that does not require a full
    • semi-trailer
  54. Lumper
    • A person who works independently "for hire" who unloads trucks and often breaks the
    • shipment down for stowability on behalf of the consignee
  55. MARAD
    U.S. Maritime Administration
  56. Motor Carrier
    Transportation company that transports goods via semi-truck or other commercial vehicle
  57. NMFC
    National Motor Freight Classification
  58. NMFTA
    National Motor Freight Traffic Association
  59. Non-Compete
    An agreement that prevents the solicitation of customers
  60. OD
    Over Dimensional freight
  61. OS&D
    Overage, Shortage & Damage of goods
  62. Owner-Operator
    Person who owns and operates their own semi-truck
  63. Parent Broker
    Brokerage firm in which an agent works for
  64. POD
    • An abbreviation for "Proof of Delivery" such as a signed Bill of Lading (BOL) or digital scan
    • of arrival
  65. Power Unit
  66. Practical Route
    A mileage routing determination based on the most practical route for commercial motor vehicles
  67. Property Broker
    • A person or company who has been granted legal permission to arrange for
    • goods to be transported via interstate commerce
  68. Rate Confirmation
    An agreement which solidifies the line haul rate between brokers and carriers
  69. Receivables
    Unpaid invoices that have not been collected by the person that is owed
  70. Reefer
    Temperature controlled refrigerated trailer
  71. RGN
    Removable Goose Neck trailers for transporting equipment
  72. SCAC
    • Standard Carrier Alpha Code issued by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association
    • (NMFTA)
  73. SDDC
    Surface Deployment and Distribution Command for the Department of Defense (DOD
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